Dream Child: growing body needs rest

Sleeping child Dream - physiological phenomenon required a person of any age to rest.At this time, the cerebral cortex is resting, but actively work the most ancient structures of the brain, analyzing the events of the day.Periods of sleep alternate: REM sleep is the phase during which the person is sleeping quietly, breathing evenly, and there is REM sleep, which marks physical activity, some people may at this time to talk, and it is in this phase, a person dreams.

mystery of dreams

The presence of dreams Dreams: how to understand our dreams Dreams: how to understand our dreams excites the minds of ordinary people and is the work of scientists studying dreams - a sleep.There is even a whole science - oneirology.Preserved ancient dream books, which is the interpretation of all possible words - people are trying to predict the fate of this phenomenon.Unfortunately, these dream books of our time is difficult to use as many of the words used in them, indicating the object or event has long fallen into disuse.Well, who in our time dream of the tub or a policeman?However, dreams are valuable because they help us to understand that the person concerned and, if necessary, to determine the tactics of psychological correction.Many believe in prophetic dreams.Before, everyone knew what day dreams do not need to believe and when to listen, remember, "on Friday dreams come true?"Watching as the baby sleeps, has a lot to tell his parents.

Dream young child

young child, according to scientists, the same dreams, which is going through the events they experienced in utero, during birth and after birth.Debated the memory of ancestors, a phenomenon which allows the child to experience emotions Emotions and culture: how to decipher the emotional code Emotions and culture: how to decipher the emotional code ancestors.One thing is certain - a peaceful sleep is a sign of successful development of the child.If the sleep became restless - you need to find out why and fix it.A very important factor for children is a sense of security that can be achieved in several ways:

  • extended wear and sleeping on her mother's arms (in a sling) - the best way to ensure a peaceful sleep the child, but difficult to fulfill, at least, in daily use.
  • Swaddling children up to three months and the creation of "borders" in bed with the help of rollers, blankets - helps the child to get rid of the feeling of a huge uncomfortable world.
  • Sleep in special sleeping bag for babies to provide heat, as the child will not be able to open up and, accordingly, do not freeze.
  • calm atmosphere at home - the main condition for a restful sleep baby.

Thus, to ensure a peaceful sleep a young child, you need to create a peaceful environment in the home, often wearing a baby in her arms or in a sling, make an effort to preserve their warmth during sleep.

Sleep older child

older child has already experience in which there were grievances, disappointments, and events that itshocked, although adult they may not be of interest.The experience of these events occur during sleep.If the child has a good psychological contact with his parents, he can talk about their dreams and experiences, from which in any case can not be brushed aside.You always have to remember that any request to an adult child's speech should be to listen carefully, and then discuss the main points and help make the best decision or make a correct conclusion.

If such contact is not - a restless sleep of the child will testify whipped sheets, pillow fell, crumpled blanket.During sleep, he may cry or scream.Pay attention to this, you should try to gently ask the child about his worries or to watch his actions at home, socializing with friends, attend school, go and see the class teacher.We must act gently, so as not to aggravate the feelings of the child.

as sedatives Sedatives - take valerian and be happy? Sedatives - take valerian and be happy? children can recommend a glass of warm milk with a teaspoon of honey at night, soothing herbal tea for half an hour before bedtime.In more severe cases, it is necessary to consult a neurologist.

Svetlana Shimkovich