Prenatal psychology: that the child feels in the stomach Mom?

Prenatal psychology Prenatal psychology as a science emerged only recently - at the end of the last century.But the preconditions for its formation there as much as there is a living world.Everyone thought that when the child begins to live after birth, or even in the womb?Answers can be heard different, but still stage of birth - only a stage in a child's life.

History of

Pregnant woman standing osobitsey in all religions.To her special treatment by others.And it must behave in a special way.All rituals, signs and customs served only one purpose: to help a woman to bear a child and prepare for birth.For example, one of the practices was the fact that when a woman learned that she was pregnant, then hung around his neck a special bag with a raw chicken egg Eggs: harm and health benefits Chicken eggs: the harm and health benefits .If the egg remains complete before delivery - promised child to be born healthy, and if the egg that ever happened - waiting complications.How to solve the problem with a protective regime woman if she wanted to have a healthy baby - she did everything slowly and methodically, to keep the egg intact, and, consequently, to create optimal conditions for the development of your child.A pregnant woman was forbidden to look at the bloody scene, it will certainly have to see pleasant images before my eyes.And the Roma, for example, there is still a tradition to play for a pregnant woman beautiful music on the guitar - it helps develop well and gives the child a better chance that it will grow musically gifted.

features today's time

Today, as weak morality and the institution of the family is not as strong as we would like, pregnant women are often random and in the first trimester trying to triple their lives, deciding they leave a child or not.This affects not the best way on the relationship of mother and child, as the mother unwittingly rejects it.

In relation to his children is mother:

  • Cold - consciously rejects the child (born at the wrong time, for example), but instinctively takes.
  • ambivalent - knowingly accepts and rejects the unconscious.
  • Ideal - take the child to the conscious and unconscious levels.
  • catastrophic - rejects consciously and unconsciously.

Of course, if a child is born to a mother's catastrophic - the probability of his psychosomatic diseases is very high, and due to the fact that the mother rejects it,arise and behavioral disorders and psychological problems.


modern medicine, having reached a certain level of development, was able to confirm that the child is in the womb all the senses and is capable of emotions, most of all, he responds to the mood of the mother.When imaging the fetus can consider the whole range of emotions on his face.

therefore currently recommended:

  • pregnancy should be planned.The woman must be sure that both she and the child will be provided with all necessary, will not need.The child must be born in a family and to be welcome.
  • During pregnancy, you need to think about positive things.Engage in interesting things to get positive emotions Emotions and culture: how to decipher the emotional code Emotions and culture: how to decipher the emotional code .
  • necessary to deal with special physical exercises myths about exercise: do not believe Myths about exercise: do not believe , to prepare for childbirth, providing for their safe.
  • to mentally refer to the child as to the already born, a complete human being, you can talk to them, telling them what was going on around him.
  • If something disturbs, it is best to talk with your child, explain the situation to him.
  • important to remember that a child - an individual, though in the womb.
  • best to give birth in the maternity ward, which is practiced together of mother and child, it will provide a fast adaptation of the newborn to the environment and to make contact with the mother.
  • important to provide early breastfeeding, which significantly increases the affection of mother to child.

good psychological atmosphere in the family creates the preconditions for good growth and successful development of the child.

Svetlana Shimkovich