Bifiform baby: from birth

Bifiform baby Bifiform baby - is a biologically active food additive (BAA), contain useful intestinal bacteria, which are so lacking in children of the first months of life.A child is born sterile, sterile and intestines.In the first months of life is settling gastrointestinal microorganisms baby, with beneficial bacteria compete with opportunistic.

How probiotics can help the child first months of life

called Probiotics are beneficial microorganisms that help digest food in the intestines.Months to 3 - 4, and sometimes up to a year the child is constantly worried about tummy: he swells and hurts - the parent who is not aware of such a baby cries?It is a sign of dysbiosis signs of dysbiosis - depend on the localization process Signs of dysbiosis - depend on the localization process - state, when the digestion of food in the intestine kid enough beneficial bacteria.Clinical practice of recent years shows that the use of probiotics can significantly speed up the adaptation of children during the first days and months of life to extrauterine life, which will affect their physical and psychological development.

Bifiform baby - probiotic specifically for children from birth

Bifiform baby a Bud, however, he is able to have an active positive effect on the intestinal microflora of a newborn baby because it contains two types of beneficial bacteria that are vitalthe baby during this period.Furthermore, in the baby bifiform and includes excipients with prebiotic properties - culture medium for engraftment and proliferation of beneficial microorganisms.

The drug is manufactured by the pharmaceutical company Ferrosan (Denmark) in a very convenient for use in the treatment of infants form - in the form of droplets that simply drip into the mouth of the child.The suspension of bacteria is prepared immediately before the start of treatment and can be stored for two weeks.The original shape bifiform baby that the slurry obtained is not useful bacteria in water and in oil - this ensures the preservation of bacteria in an aqueous solution which quickly die.

The structure bifiform baby are two types of micro-organisms that inhabit all parts of the intestine of the child and protect him from the reproduction of conditionally pathogenic, capable of causing diseases and dysbiosisintestine.First of all - it is bifidobacteria secrete lactic acid Lactic acid - shows our health Lactic acid - shows our health and create an acidic environment in the gut, which is pathogenic microflora does not like and can not reproduce it.

Another type of beneficial bacteria contained in bifiform baby - a thermophilic streptococci, which are used for making yogurt.This kind of microorganisms able to actively suppress the growth of pathogenic and conditionally pathogenic bacteria and restore the balance between beneficial and pathogenic microflora in the gastrointestinal tract of the child.

All these properties, as well as a convenient dosage form in the form of drops make biologically active food supplements bifiform baby drug of choice in the treatment of dysbacteriosis in children under one year, including the newborn.

Indications and contraindications for the appointment bifiform baby

All that give the child up to a year (especially in the first month of life) should be administered only by a physician, even biologically active food supplements.On prescription bifiform Bifiform - instructions for use of the drug Bifiform - Drug Usage baby give 1 dose (0.5 g) once a day with meals for at least 10 days.

bifiform baby bottle has a special device that allows you to quickly prepare an oil solution by dissolving the powder in the oil.To do this with a force to turn the cap of the vial in a clockwise direction as long as the powder does not fall out of the cover to the oil solution contained in the vial.After that, the bottle should be thoroughly shake until smooth and dial the desired number of oil mist when using the included pipette (on it is a mark corresponding to one dose).Shake the bottle before each use needed medication.

unopened vials bifiform baby store in a dry place inaccessible to children at temperature not exceeding 25 ° C.Opened vials should be stored at a temperature no higher than 8 ° C for up to two weeks.When taken regularly bifiform baby this time will be enough to complete consumption of the entire contents of the vial.Leave the mixture onto a longer period is not necessary, because it reduces its effectiveness because of the death it contains beneficial microorganisms.

Contraindications bifiform baby is only a component of the drug idiosyncrasy child.

Bifiform baby is not a drug, however, he received well-deserved recognition as an effective tool in the treatment of dysbiosis in children Dysbacteriosis children - indigestion Dysbacteriosis children - Digestive Disorders up to a year, especially among children during the first three months of life.

Galina Romanenko