Chromophytosis children - what that means?

chromophytosis children Pityriasis versicolor in infants almost never occur.But it is becoming quite a common disease in adolescents.The causative agent of fungal infection is rarely transmitted from person to person.Typically, in order to become infected, additional conditions, such as excessive sweating.


Why does the child chromophytosis

Pityriasis versicolor is a fungal skin disease, which manifests itself in the appearance of the skin of the trunk and under the arms of brown spots.The causative agents of disease - sort of yeast fungi or Malasseziya pitirospory.Normally the fungus resides at the surface of the skin of animals and humans, without causing disease.He has a pronounced lipophilic (tendency to fats) properties, so it breeds on oily skin.

virtually no contagious disease, since manifestations of infection are necessary additional conditions: decreased immunity, increased sweating, and a special, modified the composition of sweat and sebum.People who have the predisposing factors to the disease, may become infected pityriasis versicolor by close contact with the patient through the linen and personal hygiene items.

healthy children 5-7 years chromophytosis hardly occurs, and the pathogen is not present on the skin.But in adolescence, when they begin to function hard skin oil glands, fungi genus Malasseziya can be found on the skin in almost everyone.

appearance of the child tinea versicolor suggests lowered immunity or a genetic predisposition to the disease.In the latter case, a careful questioning of parents can find out what they have relatives who suffer from this disease.

Body All children with reduced immunity, suffering from cancer and other serious chronic diseases may appear chromophytosis Ringworm - not only infectious disease Ringworm - not only infectious disease .In this case, it is a marker of some kind of trouble in the body of the child.

Recently, it was found that fungi can sort Malasseziya burden for atopic (congenital allergic) dermatitis in young children, including up to a year.


How does chromophytosis children

Onset of the disease is characterized by the appearance of yellowish dots around the mouths of hair follicles - the fungus multiplies, forming colonies.Then the baby's skin appears stain pink-yellow, gradually changing to brown-yellow, on the surface of which are scaly flakes.The yellowish-pink or brown spots around the follicle first small, then they grow, merge together to form lesions with irregular edges.

spots on the skin of a child starting to barely noticeable flaking (scales are very small, so it is not always possible to notice).To clarify the diagnosis a little spot poskablivayut - it allows more reliably detect peeling.Preferential location of the rash - skin trunk (chest, underarm and groin, back, abdomen).The palms and soles are not affected.

The baby usually do not have burning and itching of the skin (sometimes a slight itching still possible).In place of the old lesions, especially after exposure to ultraviolet rays, are often left areas whiter than the surrounding, the skin (areas of depigmentation).This so-called psevdoleykoderma.The disease can last for a very long time.Over time, the spots fade, and in their place are unpainted white areas of the skin.


treatment of tinea versicolor in children

Treatment of multi-colored lichen begin examination of the child, detection and treatment of latent disease, which led to the development of the fungal infection.

Locally applied drugs with keratolytic and antifungal activity.For drugs with keratolilicheskim (softening and dissolving flakes) action include 2-5% salicylic alcohol, alcoholic solution of resorcinol, tar ointment and others.

But today, for the treatment of tinea versicolor treatment of tinea versicolor - restore the immune system and get rid of the fungus Treatment for tinea versicolor - restore the immune system and get rid of the fungus children used mainly antifungal drugs for external use.It ekzoderil, Nizoral, clotrimazole, bifonazole, ketoconazole, terbinafine, ciclopirox.In order to strengthen immunity Immunity - help the immune system Strengthening the immune system - help the immune system prescribe vitamin and mineral supplements.Will complexes and physiotherapy - ultraviolet radiation, magnetic therapy.

To avoid relapses, it is necessary to conduct a thorough disinfection of underwear and baby clothing.Weather favorable, the disease respond well to treatment with modern anti-fungal drugs.

Pityriasis versicolor in preschool children may be a sign of a serious disease.As the child grows and its transition to puberty chromophytosis Pityriasis versicolor - many-sided problem Chromophytosis - many-sided problem increasingly common, due to hormonal changes in the body.

Galina Romanenko