Enterovirus infection in children - a serious risk

enterovirus infection in children Enterovirus infection in children as in adults, occurs in a variety of clinical forms.The most common disease in children manifests itself in the form of acute respiratory infection (ARI), an intestinal infection, herpetic angina Herpangina - a mild form of the disease Herpangina - a mild form of the disease and serous meningitis.It also occurs in newborns with encephalomyocarditis.


Peculiarities of enterovirus infection in children

Enterovirus infection is caused by a variety of serotypes of enterovirus Coxsackie, ECHO (ECHO) and some others.Therefore, its clinical manifestations are very diverse.Furthermore, enterovirus infection is characterized by the fact that one and the same virus in different children may manifest as different clinical forms, depending on the characteristics of the child.

Another feature is the enterovirus infection of virus after suffering a long illness.As a result, after the children's collective in the child been ill, sick, and all the rest.

Finally, the severity of enterovirus infection in children depends on the child's age: younger than he is, the more severe the disease.


symptoms of enterovirus infection in infants

Any infection in young children (especially infants under one year) tend togeneralization, that is, to spread to the entire body.Therefore it is impossible to predict how will flow and give you a complication of enterovirus infection in these children.Therefore, any, even the light of SARS and intestinal infections in children intestinal infections in children - a serious danger Intestinal infections in children - a serious risk to a year should be treated pediatrician.

A young child enterovirus infections often begin with a rise in temperature (from a small to a large) and the appearance of intoxication as lethargy, loss of appetite, vomiting and so on.The child is restless, he cries often and little sleep.

Amid elevated temperature may appear catarrhal phenomena (cough, runny nose), or loose stools, bloating and intestinal cramps.Sometimes simultaneously appear and respiratory and gastrointestinal symptoms.

Cheerleaders mother have the appearance of symptoms such as constant crying, refusal of breasts, vomiting fountain and drawing back of the head backwards - all this can be a sign of incipient serous meningitis in which the child requires immediate hospitalization.

In most cases, enterovirus infection rarely takes more than a week, and serous meningitis Meningitis - an inflammation of the meninges Meningitis - an inflammation of the meninges - more than two weeks.But after the defeat of the central nervous system of a child in a few weeks it remains fatigue - irritability, weakness, the child often cries, takes bad chest and bad sleep.

In newborn infants, enterovirus infection can occur while brain damage and heart (encephalomyocarditis).The disease is extremely difficult, it is treated only in a hospital, and often ends with the death of the child.


symptoms of enterovirus infection in children of preschool and school-age

in preschool and school-age children with a well-developed immune enterovirus infection occurs in the form of mild acute respiratory viral infections and intestinal infections.By reducing the immunity in children can develop herpes angina - a form of enterovirus infection that can be caused by Coxsackie virus (often) and ECHO.

disease begins acutely with high fever (sometimes 40-41˚S).The child appears strong chills, redness, or, on the contrary, sudden pallor of the skin.A bad sign is cold extremities against high temperature - this indicates a spasm of blood vessels.Sometimes the background of fever in a child appear cramps.If you can not lower the temperature, you should call an ambulance.

temperature can be kept for 3-5 days.On the second day after the onset of disease in the child's throat appear red petechial rash, which later turned into the day bubbles with clear content, and then burst, leaving superficial erosion.As soon as the temperature drops, and the condition usually improves child's throat - he is on the mend.Herpangina lasts about 7 days.


Enterovirus infection and rashes in children

When any form of enterovirus infection Enterovirus infection - whether it is the danger? Enterovirus infection - whether it is the danger? on the child's body may appear rash of different nature.But mostly the rash is still typical for this form of the disease as enterovirus rash (rash Boston, epidemic rash).The disease begins with high fever, intoxication, and the next day the whole body is covered by a rash that may have a point, papular, spotted and mixed.

disease lasts up to a week, and then passes without any consequences.


treatment of enterovirus infection in children

treatment of mild forms of the disease does not require medical treatment.Enough bed rest, drinking copious and gentle power.Diet for enterovirus infection in children suggests eating 4-5 times a day in small portions with the exception of fatty, fried and sugary foods, fresh milk and a large number of crude fiber (fresh cabbage, carrots and so on).

Severe enterovirus infections are treated in a hospital.

Enterovirus infection in children should be treated under medical supervision.

Galina Romanenko