Educating girls and boys: the truth and stereotypes

education of girls boys really stereotypes When you are expecting a baby, the desire to ask questions - how much will weigh the child, whom he would like what he will be when he grows up (yes, many expectant mothers ask themselves this question, even)- as naturally as frequent urination.And while some prospective parents spend hours coming up with a name for a future baby, the other all nine months of pregnancy suffer a single question: boy or girl?

expectations and superstition

Whether we are willing to admit it or not, old wives' tales and superstitions have affected the minds of many, even the most enlightened of the parents, if the stomach of a woman "acute" and pointed forward, then, it will be a boy.If the spherical belly protruding, and on the sides, it should prepare for the appearance of the girls.It is also believed that if a woman during pregnancy lost her looks, then she would have a girl, and if blossomed - boy.Another popular sign: if a pregnant pulls on sweet, so there will be a girl, if cold and salty - a boy.If a future pope during the second half of their pregnancy gained several kilograms, then you need to prepare for the appearance of the girls.

But, as is known to all parents, those cute superstition - nothing more than an excuse to laugh and brighten up the long months of waiting baby exciting game of "who we will be."But if asked to guess the gender of the parents of the child, in seven cases out of ten of their guess is correct.

Also, some prospective parents strongly want (or feel greater affinity) is a boy or a girl.For example, some couples find that they are "more appropriate" (or are they better suited) to the girl they love creativity, music and art, not a sport, so the girl would fit into their family naturally.Other couples, childhood which was held in a house filled with the noise and hubbub of the boys can not imagine their life without the mischievous pranks, smeary zelenkoj knees, funny inventions and other An integral attribute of the boy.But we know that is not so simple when it comes to sex.In the end, all future parents dream of having a healthy baby, and so will he a boy or a girl - not so important.

But in the future, when it comes to education, gender of the child already has a value.

role of brain

For many years, parents (and doctors) blamed in the brain differences between boys and girls.However, the "guilty" is not so much the structure of the brain as such as a sequence of different parts of the brain.So, in 2007, American scientists were conducted large-scale study of brain development and intelligence in children, which showed that the trajectory of brain development for girls and boys are not the same.

What does it mean?In short, this result can be explained as follows: if to teach the same subjects boys and girls equally, girls are likely to think, "The geometry of the complex," and will count the boys: "Painting and literature - for girls."Lack of understanding of gender differences in teaching may have undesirable consequences in terms of strengthening gender stereotypes.This is one reason why it is important to understand that the brain is functioning men and women differently.

accepted that the boys grasp new information more slowly than girls (this is also blamed for the brain).But the researchers found that, although the development of the regions of the brain responsible for language development and fine motor skills, the girls of six years ahead of boys on the development of brain regions involved in the planning and spatial memory, they lag behind boys about four years.

But it is not only about the brain: sex differences are very real, and may require different education, different rules and methods.Girls tend to be more emotional and sensitive, while boys prefer to act.According to child psychologists, parents need to be more cautious in this stereotype.It is believed that boys grow faster, faster, gain experience (it is not), so they are subject to more stringent requirements.But even the most self-boy needs to adults to teach him how to behave, to set boundaries of behavior and created a clear structure - only then he will feel protected.This is particularly important given that boys, unlike girls respond better to actions and deeds.They are more or less do they say they make sounds associated with the action.They buy a comic book figures.They play active games.Girls also are more receptive to the words, they communicate with ease, making new acquaintances, and all thanks to early acquired verbal skills that allow them to better and faster to fit into the school team.

Psychologists emphasize that the school boys have a harder time because they are more difficult to focus on the task than girls.Due to the increased mobility and activity of the boys often get into trouble, the more calm girl.If you have a boy, remember the good old phrase "actions speak louder than words," and apply it to communicate with the child.Play with him in the game structure, build houses out of blocks, to teach him to order and discipline.

addition to biological and social dynamics between boys and girls there are physical differences are obvious even at first sight: height, weight, facial features and body type.All these features affect the selected parent parenting practices.

Although the exterior itself does not affect the fact with whom the child relates itself - with the boys or girls, he is inclined to identify with role models of the same sex, in particular with the father or mother, and educators.So already in kindergartens, children begin to accept the value of the family and society.In our society, girls are less correspond to gender stereotypes;You can usually girls playing with cars than boys to play with dolls.

gender differences

Why is this so important?Psychologists explain: biological differences are far less significant than most parents believe.A child of two years, most gender differences - not innate, but acquired.Children are like sponges absorbing the information you receive both verbally and non-verbally, to the crazy pace of modern life affects the formation of their personality.So when they say that girls often say what they are beautiful, and the boys are allowed to be more aggressive in children formed judgments about what it means to be a "girl" or "boy".

good when parents understand the typical differences between boys and girls, but more importantly, that they are perceived not as a baby boy or girl, you have a set of gender-sensitive, but above all as a person.The challenge of today's parents - to understand with what social pressure faced by a child and make every effort to reduce this adverse pressure.

best method of raising a child Raising a child: who will win? Raising a child: who will win? , regardless of gender - always be involved in his life, to encourage a frank and honest communication, not to judge and to hide the truth.

Impressions parents

Not all parents know from their own experience than the education of boys is different from the education of girls.What parents say:

«My daughter, Tanya, is very active, as well as her older brother George.But it is much more emotional.She always uses the language, even when crying, laughing, shouting, capricious, or simply express their emotions. "

«My son Kolya - the restless boy, very curious.He just can not sit still, unlike her older sister Ali.If you leave it unattended even for a minute or two, it could have catastrophic consequences. "

«I think that the most important in the education of children of different sexes - will never forget that we, the parents should see in them the person ... bring them up in different ways, but with the same affection and rigor, with the same requirements, paying particular attentiontheir individual needs. "

«I recognize that boys and girls are different in nature, but every child is different.My sons are very different from each other in many ways, and therefore they need to be different to educate.My daughter still quite a pipsqueak, so I still can not say anything about the education of girls, but yesterday in the store, she burst into tears and could not calm down until I gave her a dress with a nearby shelf.Hopefully, it does not mean anything »

« I do not think that boys and girls should be educated differently.I have a son and daughter, and I plant them the same principles and values, they have the same rules of conduct and penalties for violations. "

«Before I had children, I spent much time with his niece.She could sit for hours on the floor and play with dolls.If we go outside, it is well behaved.Now I have my mother, my two sons.They - the complete opposite of my niece.They do not go - they run.As a rule, they can not play safely, always pushing and fall.Boys inherently more active and hardy.I had to learn not to take their inherent nature as a personal insult or challenge, and guide their behavior in a peaceful course.I do not come in horror when I see them play in the dirt.About climbing and jumping to any elevation, I have said nothing. "

«I think it is important to see the child's strengths and cultivate them, regardless of the pressure from peers or society ... Nowadays it is very difficult to educate children of different sexes so as to develop their individual capacities and not squeeze them into the framework imposed by society".

«I truly believe that every child - this is a person that has its own interests.The only significant difference I noticed between her daughter and son - their activity and energy.We called our three year old son "Energizer bunny," because it did not stop.What can I advise parents of the boys?First of all, teach them not to go on about the stereotypes, teach them to clean, wash and cook.The girls need to cultivate independence and strength of character. "