The dowry for baby: little things and not just

The dowry for baby: little things and not just course, in regard to children, there is no detail.But how else to call all of these devices that fill the nursery?Here, too, the unanimity is not reached, each collects its own set of useful things for the baby.So what should the baby?

  • Tray will definitely need a child as swimming for him - the basic hygienic procedure done in a day, and sometimes on a daily basis.Their choice is big enough.They vary in size, shape and color.Well, if it is convenient to store, for example, hanging on a nail in the bathroom, but preference should be given to the one in which it is easy and safe to bathe the baby.There are baths with wide flanges, which are well placed to toys, through them, less water spills.If possible, choose a tray with corrugated bottom of which is less than the child slips and accessories for bath kupaniya.V buy a special stand for the child, which frees up the hands of parents and to provide safe and nutritious baby wash.These devices may be inclined to which the baby is placed and those that allow the child to sit - they are used after six months.RELAX used around the year, for babies is better to buy a special terry mitten.
  • Towel area is very convenient to turn in his child after bathing.They can be used for a long time - up to three years.
  • changing table, many do not buy a sofa or dispensing the crib, but if resources permit and a place - it is better to buy a special children's chest of drawers with changing table function changing table - facilitate the care of the baby Changing table - facilitate the care of the baby .It is stable and roomy, will serve for several years.
  • Sling.It allows you to carry your baby and mum to have a free hand.Use birth to a half or even three years.
  • Breast Pump.Mothers were divided into two groups - those who consider it necessary and those who think it is not necessary.Modern pediatricians believe that the rate of pumping is not necessary, as lactation adjusts to the individual child.The old guard of doctors remember that mothers were encouraged to express breast, and continue to give such advice, forgetting that children are now in the free-fed, rather than feeding on the clock.If you still need a breast pump - they are of two types - manual and electric.Electric sucks better and manual - softer.
  • bottles.Their selection is huge.There are both the usual models and various devices, improves the process of sucking, swallowing air-fighting and so on.You can buy advance two bottles of a hundred and fifty and two hundred grams, even if the child is breastfed - they come in handy for tea or water.
  • dummies must comply with bottles, as each manufacturer produces the nipples that are right for his bottle.Nipples are different for children of different ages is not so much the size as the size of the hole, consider this fact, buying pacifiers or replace every three months.
  • Pacifiers.Their dangers or benefits of tense debate for decades.They come in different sizes and shapes.What a dummy like a particular child - no one will say.Dummy as nipples are made of different materials.Replace the pacifier or nipple should be similar, but larger.
  • Sterilizers for bottles.If there is a bottle - buy and sterilizer, as there is a difference between sterilization Sterilization - may be a temporary Sterilization - may be temporarily by boiling, takes about an hour and steaming in the sterilizer for five minutes.Sterilizer - a large plastic box which fit nipples and bottles, poured a little water.Then it is put in the microwave for 5 minutes.
  • Scales for weight gain control of the child.Without them you can do - just be relaxed.If need be - buy the simplest model.
  • Baby Monitor is useful when the child is one periodically in the remote room, for example, when he sleeps.
  • Nightlight.It helps to look after the child at night - change the diaper, drink and so on.

Svetlana Shimkovich