Sexual curiosity of young children in questions and answers

sexual curiosity of young children When his parents caught the boy by picking your nose or ears, he was sent to Laura to see if he had any ear infections.When the parents of a boy caught masturbating Masturbation causes prostate cancer? Masturbation causes prostate cancer? , begins an endless saga fear reproach, anxiety, questions and regrets.At the same time, parents can understand that this behavior is normal, but can not hold back their emotions Emotions and culture: how to decipher the emotional code Emotions and culture: how to decipher the emotional code .

What is sexual curiosity in young children?

Infants often touch their genitals, teasing them, just like teasing your ears or toes.Around the age of one and a half or two years of a baby begins to understand that the sexual organs are different from other parts of the body.Firstly, with them more fun to play, and secondly, they are a great pleasure.For some children, touching the genitals turn into a way to calm down, almost like thumb sucking.In others, it becomes a habit, distracting them from the important games, and development processes.

If you look at the situation from the outside, it should be recognized that the study of a child of his body quite logical and natural.When a child is taught to walk to the toilet, and it becomes his primary concern is to be expected that the child will be interesting parts of the body that were previously hidden diapers.Many small children touch themselves at every opportunity.The study of the body's own pleasure, as would be known to all adults.

This behavior is usually called early masturbation, but this term can be misleading.It does not stimulate the genitals, accompanied by sexual fantasies - the problem is still waiting for you in the future.No, kids touching herself "out there" just because it's nice.

who demonstrates sexual curiosity?

Most children begin to explore their genitals around the same time when the sexual differentiation begins, iewhen the creatures of indeterminate sex they turn into boys and girls.Such behavior is common to most children under the age of two years.

How does sexual curiosity in children?

soon as we start to get used to the fact that our baby has grown up as a witness to his intimate games - see the boy stroked his penis, groin and the girl rubs a pillow.

Boys playing with their penises, Teasing them girls touch finger vagina, and sometimes even try to insert foreign objects inside.

contagious Is sexual curiosity in young children?


How long phase of sexual curiosity?

study of their genitals to some extent continues throughout childhood (and beyond).

How to identify a child's sexual curiosity?

As a rule, games are found with genitals when they become witnesses of parents, relatives, babysitters, teachers, friends or parents.If this behavior seems compulsive, or otherwise affect the child's condition (he can not calm down without touching yourself "out there"), discuss the problem with your pediatrician.In some cases, it may require specialist advice and assistance.

Game genitals - it is a normal part of child development, but in some degree or nature of child sex games can be a sign of problems in the development or their experiences of sexual violence.

How should parents react to the child's sexual curiosity?

Do not try to wean the baby from intimate touching - your efforts are doomed to failure.You can not just put the interest of their toys on the top shelf, where they will not get it.If you actively interfere with the child to explore his body, prohibit and punish him for "masturbation", the game will be his genitals forbidden fruit, and the forbidden fruit is known to be sweet.

In this case, there are two possible scenarios.The child will "try" the forbidden fruit when the opportunity arises, and will hide it from you, because it is "bad."Gradually he learns to conceal his research and game from you.He will be "shameful" secret and then probably a few more.It is not a result you want.

If you feel that a child should be intimate games to take control, we recommend that the next time you will witness these games, to pretend that nothing is happening.Try to distract the child a new interesting occupation.But behave naturally, keep yourself in the hands of (the child throw and grab his arms unnaturally.).Your behavior should tell the child that he is not doing anything wrong, but there are lessons and interesting.

If the game turns to the genitals to a child in an obsessive exercise, look for the cause, rather than just trying to stop him.Perhaps the child is too tense, nervous and in need of comfort?Maybe around overreact to his behavior, thus contributing to the strengthening of this habit?Perhaps the child has a chronic urinary tract infection or a fungal infection?Maybe the child is too excited and so tries to calm down?Or he touches himself, because he was bored?Find the cause of the child's behavior, to study the natural process of your body does not become a compulsive activity.

possible to prevent sexual curiosity in a child?

Psychologists are advised not to try to prevent the sexual curiosity, because this is a normal phase of sexual development of the child.

One of our most important responsibilities as a parent - to tell the child about healthy sexuality Nine ways to experience their sexuality Nine ways to experience their sexuality .Of course, many parents have a very different idea about healthy sexuality.But no matter what your values ​​are, you want to eventually transfer them to your children, teach them that healthy sexuality is nothing dirty or shameful.To do this, the child must be respected, and always be open to dialogue with him.

Very quickly kids grow up and go to the free swimming in a stormy sea of ​​life.Only if we, the parents managed to maintain friendly relations with them and mutual respect, we can stay for their authority throughout their life.