Physiological runny nose in infants - whether there is a cause for concern

physiological runny nose in infants In newborn infants often appear rhinitis, which develop as a result of an inflammatory disease of the nasal mucosa.There is such a thing as a normal runny nose in infants Runny nose in infants - how to deal with it? Runny nose in infants - how to deal with it? .These two conditions often occur with similar clinical symptoms, so your doctor can make a diagnosis only on the basis of a comprehensive survey of the newborn.


Why develop a runny nose in infants

Newborn baby nasal mucosa is not yet fully developed, so the process of final development occurs after birth.On average, the process of formation takes about ten weeks.The first thing that drew my mother, this is the appearance of nasal secretion in infants, which causes to see a doctor for a consultation, examination and treatment.But not always the presence of rhinitis is any pathological condition.

Normally during fetal development when the fetus is surrounded by amniotic fluid, mucous membrane of the nose can not be finally formed.This prevents the liquid medium.After birth, when the newborn is adapting to the new conditions of life, his respiratory system (nasal cavity and in particular) reaches its final development.

air that enters the body of the child, must be moistened, purified from possible impurities that are contained in the air and warmed to an optimal temperature.Only in such circumstances the normal operation occurs glands, which are located in the nasal mucosa.After the birth of a runny nose is the physiological mechanism that ensures adequate nasal breathing.


What clinical manifestations deserve attention

If grudnichka marked physiological cold, it does not affect his overall health.The child sleeps well, he does not suffer the appetite, which indicates the absence of inflammatory process in the body.There has been no marked temperature reaction, with no common symptoms of a cold or a viral disease that can cause the common cold.These manifestations include redness of the throat, sneezing and others.

duration of the common cold saline does not exceed an average of ten days.If symptoms persist for a longer period of time, it deserves attention, requires the survey.In addition, the reason for referral to a specialist are the following symptoms:

  • fever with a cold
  • not eating and weight loss newborn baby
  • bad dream
  • discoloration of secretions from the nose (from clear to yellow-green)
  • difficulty of nasal breathing

At physiological rhinitis allocation discharge in women when there is cause for concern Selections women when there is cause for concern nose will have a slimy character, they accumulate mainly in the nasal cavity, mucus leaves in a small amount.For colds runny nose are abundant slimy character, so it is important to make a diagnosis of the presence of the common symptoms of inflammation.Objective examination reveals the presence of edema Prevention and treatment of edema - it is important to understand the root cause of Prevention and treatment of edema - it is important to understand the root cause mucous membranes of the nose, which is typical of an inflammatory or allergic nature of the disease.


What conditions must be created for newborn baby

facilitate the physiological condition of rhinitis allows compliance with certain hygienic requirements on the content of the room in which the newborn child.These requirements apply to the temperature, humidity and air purity.Optimal conditions will promote normal operation throughout the respiratory system.If the room air is dry, heating occurs due to central heating, while in the inhaled air contains dust, in such circumstances, runny nose becomes protracted.

for humidification can use special devices or moisturizers that are both not only moisturize, but also clean, ionized air.If you can not acquire the device, you can use the means at hand, for example, hang a wet towel on the battery.To achieve faster results it is recommended to inhale the wet steam in the bathroom, what mom puts baby baby man, though with a little finger Baby man, though with little finger the room for a few minutes.Repeat the procedure several times can be a short break.Optimal humidity in the baby's room should be 50-60%.

important to maintain temperature, thus of great importance regular airing of the room.It is especially important to do this in rooms with central heating.

individual heating system allows you to adjust the temperature, which is a favorable factor in terms of creating a temperature.Do not allow the temperature rises above 22C.

in the children's room should be kept clean, in order.It recommended for some time to make the room carpets, as well as the possibility of a book, indoor plants, which are very well collect dust.In modern conditions effective to get rid of the dust vacuum cleaner enables the cleaning, which significantly facilitate the process of cleaning.Wet cleaning should be carried out several times a day, the only way to maintain the cleanliness of the room and avoid getting a large amount of dust particles in the respiratory tract of a newborn baby.

Walking with a child should not be stopped during a cold saline.Nasal breathing is significantly improved in the street.It is recommended to dress your baby according to weather conditions, there will be no fear that the child may freeze in the cold season.Experts advise to make daily trips in the winter, as it is an effective means of prevention of colds, particularly viral.

Marina Solovyov