The dowry for baby: clothes

The dowry for baby: clothes Pregnant woman called at kids' store has a special, confused and dreamy look.She thoughtfully walks between shelves with children's clothes, sometimes something puts it in a basket and buy.Such campaigns before birth can be a few dozen.As a result, the house is much veshchichek for a newborn child, of which he grows up in three weeks, and did not use most.

  • undershirts.It is loved by the older generation.This shirts for the little ones, usually without fasteners, simply plowed on the child.Like diapers, they are of two types: thin and warm.Convenient to use with diapers, as in all other cases, they do not hold out on the child - not for this yesterday.
  • «Advanced» vests have a fastener: at least one button on the shoulder or ties, buy them suitable for children born in the summer.They do not have the grinding elements and covering the body of the child, provide him comfort.These vests are too warm and subtle.Buy you need depending on the season: in the summer - more subtle, in the winter - warm, but in any case no more than three - five pieces of each size, as of the smallest child will grow up in a couple of weeks.
  • «Antitsarapki" - calico mittens to protect baby face baby from scratching during the chaotic movement of his pen.Sometimes they are sewn to the vest.
  • blouse with front clasps used as "advanced" undershirts, successfully replace them.
  • sliders used to buy children from two - three months, when they grow out of diapers.Who has put the sliders on discharge from the hospital.Sliders are used when the child is in disposable diapers.In this case, the number can be large - two - three different size sliders as disposable diapers eliminate smudging sliders.If the disposable diapers are used, the sliders have to buy no sooner than three months and in large numbers, but until that time it is more convenient to use diapers.The sliders are of two kinds: on the shoulders and an elastic band.An elastic band is less convenient to use, as they often slip to the child and not fixed jacket, leaving an open back.Is fastened or tied at the shoulders are more convenient.They protect the back of the child and do not slip from him.
  • Body.Very comfortable, fit well on the body, do not slip, representing a special children's unitard.Body are open, leaving naked arms and legs baby, closed - respectively covering arms and legs, as well as partially closed - only "with handles" or "feet".It is advisable to use only the top of the disposable diaper.What to buy more - depending on the season.
  • cap.There is no consensus.Proponents of early hardening argue that this subject should only be used for walking, but the majority of mothers and infants wear bonnets home, especially after bathing.They need to buy 2 pieces of different sizes and according to the season - thick or thin.
  • Socks.It is very useful to walk barefoot on the floor.Before the baby is still far away, but it can often freeze.In this case, the rescue socks.They need to buy two pairs and one fine - warm, for every age.
  • booties.Many do without them, some believe that teach child booties to wear shoes.It should be understood that the booties - no shoes, and when the child starts to take the first steps, to buy him a present the shoes that contribute to the proper formation of the foot.
  • overalls for a walk is bought according to the season.Many mothers to go out to the street, wrapped the baby in a blanket, and coverall buy later - after three months.
  • set to be discharged.The first indoor clothing baby.It should be chosen with the expectation that the photos of the extract from the maternity ward will be included in the family album, and later the child will be happy to consider them.Therefore, the set should be beautiful and comfortable.The stores are ready, but you can make them yourself.

Options sets

set number 1 "Modern»

  • disposable diapers suitable weight,
  • body with "handles" and "legs»,
  • caps thin and warm,
  • blanket,
  • special festive envelope, blue - for boys and pink - for girls, you can buy a white ribbon and mark the floor.

set number 2 "In the old»

  • disposable diapers suitable weight (as an option - a reusable diaper, but it is less convenient),
  • vests fine and warm,
  • diapers thin and warm,
  • caps thinand warm,
  • flannel blanket,
  • lace corner,
  • warm blanket,
  • pink ribbon for girls, blue for boys.

Svetlana Shimkovich