Terms of Use diapers: quick and easy

Terms of Use diapers The fact that the diapers - a necessary thing in the care of a child, no one doubts.But what - disposable or reusable, on this occasion the disputes do not cease.Supporters and those, and others lead a lot of arguments about the benefits and dangers.And in fact, the truth, as usual, is somewhere in between.Many mothers are successfully used both types of diapers, depending on the circumstances.

Types diapers

diapers are disposable and reusable.

Disposable got now great popularity, they made dozens of manufacturers.They are comfortable, require little time to use - to get out of the package, put on a child, and after use - throw away.Disposable diapers are hygienic, all disposable items, they are not hard to find for each individual child's overall weight and growth capacity and intended use.They vary in quality, and thus the price.

Disposable diapers were known many centuries ago.Then, too, women are thinking about how to optimize the process of washing clothes child who spoils her to thirty times a day.Currently used diapers gauze or a soft cloth, folded in several layers, there are reusable diapers with strings, is in the form of pants, one thing unites them - they were getting wet, delaying bowel movements a child, protecting the surrounding objects.Use them more difficult as they require washing, drying and proglazhivaniya periodically have to buy reusable nappies larger age-appropriate child.In addition, one day a child needs to fifteen diapers.

use diapers

Whatever diapers, how to use them are very similar.

  • necessary to diaper the baby was perfect size and fit, not hampered the natural movements are not squeezed and rubbed the delicate skin.
  • diaper absorbent layer should provide the necessary time dry skin of the child.In the disposable diaper child can urinate several times, as a special inner membrane passes fluid in one direction only, but should be changed immediately reusable.
  • diaper should be changed at the first sign of the need for this, that is, when the baby's skin may be wet or immediately after defecation.
  • After removing the need to make a baby diaper air bath for fifteen - twenty minutes.At this time, check to see if the skin redness, diaper rash, traces of compression, if necessary to treat the skin cleansing wipes or cream under the diaper dry.Treat your skin need only when you need it, because healthy skin Healthy skin - daily program of skin care Healthy skin - daily program for skin care not feel this need.We must try to make air baths liked the child and gradually increase the time.
  • walk before bedtime or Dreams: how to understand our dreams Dreams: how to understand our dreams definitely need to put a clean diaper, even if the previous one still has reserves, so less chance of having to change a diaper in the wrong place.
  • complete without a diaper whenever you can.For example, when the child is awake and the house is still small, to move independently, you can spread it on a disposable diaper, not wearing a diaper.Many parents of the child is placed to sleep at night without a diaper as well-known is the fact that reduction of urination at night, and the risk of wet diapers exists only in the morning.
  • Do not miss the moment when the child is ready to use pot, starting to use special disposable diapers to toilet training, in which the inner layer becomes wet when urinating, and out the moisture falls.

Diapers are designed for the convenience of the parents, as the child does not feel the difference in where he defecates, the main thing, what would it be comfortable.Therefore, choosing the form of diapers that you plan to use, think about your convenience, a good mood and free time, which is very important for the education of happy and cheerful person.

Svetlana Shimkovich