The dowry for baby: diapers, oilcloth, diapers

The dowry for baby: diapers, oilcloth, diapers grandmother advises, buy twenty-thin diapers, fifteen flannel.A friend said that the diaper can not buy.Whom to listen to?Head spin, and a children's store every little thing in the shopping cart asks.Here are the expectant mother is gaining, gaining ... and then it turns out that half can safely give to someone - not needed.It should not really so much.


Our mothers and grandmothers bought for thirty pieces of fine and twenty - warm.What else could I do if there were no diapers and baby peed like a modern, up to twenty times a day.Time has made adjustments.Some moms to do without diapers, but many stop at an intermediate version: Diaper buy in small quantities.To buy it is necessary to your child the number of diapers, consider the following factors:

  • use of disposable diapers.If you do not plan to put them on the baby, buy as much as recommended grandmother - a total of about fifty pieces.If you use disposable diapers planned, the child dirty diapers, and there will be little you can just buy them a pair of pieces for use in cribs, strollers, changing table for changing table - facilitate the care of the baby Changing table - facilitate the care of the baby and for the campaign to the doctor.
  • season.In the winter need more warm diapers, summer - thin.

diapers come in several forms: thin, warm and disposable.

  • thin diapers are made of chintz and calico home safely, you can use well-washed old bedding or diapers that have fallen by inheritance - they are soft and less injure the baby's skin.
  • Warm diapers are made from flannel, fleece and soft jersey.Traditionally used diaper flannel.
  • Disposable diapers are made in such a way that the side facing the child - always warm, but the downside is the oilcloth and does not leak fluids.These diapers are well used to visit the doctor, throwing after use.


  • Grandma used only reusable gauze diapers.If you follow their traditions, it will take about twenty of these diapers are easy to do yourself.Take medical gauze, folded so as to obtain an equilateral triangle with a base of about fifty centimeters, consisting of four - to six layers.The edges are filed with a needle, over the edge, to the diaper did not lose shape when washed.
  • analogues of these diapers are reusable diapers, produced by some firms.They are more aesthetically pleasing, but require careful selection of height and weight, or the child may rub legs.
  • Disposable diapers are now the most common, are produced by many manufacturers, they must be chosen by weight, and in accordance with the peculiarities of a particular child.It is important to know that these diapers should be changed immediately after a bowel movement, but the child can go to urinate a few times.Some diapers are even equipped with a special indicator that tells my mother that is necessary to make the change.After the diaper is removed, it is necessary to wipe the ass baby with a damp cloth and leave it naked on a clean diaper for fifteen minutes.If you follow this advice, the problems with diaper rash will not be the baby's skin will not suffer.Many parents put the baby to sleep without a diaper, and doing the right thing, as night urination reduced, and children usually urinate early in the morning.Knowing this feature, you can get a disposable diaper, or folded in several layers of flannel diaper.

Oil cloths

These attitudes are now double.If the baby around the clock is in disposable diapers, the oilcloth not needed.If the planned partial use of diapers or have decided to do without them entirely, then oilcloth - irreplaceable thing.

is better not to give preference to medical oilcloth - it is cold, and cellophane - it rustles, and special children's oilcloth, which can be white and color.One side of them resembles a gentle towel, and the second - a soft, neshurshaschaya oilcloth.These can be repeatedly washed oilcloth.Buy them need a few: in bed, in the pram on the changing table and for use at home - my mother often leave the child naked, enclosing under him only a oilcloth, of course, dressing up.Once the child begins to actively move, these little oilcloth lose its relevance.A mat in crib mattress will be protected for a long time.

Svetlana Shimkovich