The dowry for baby: large purchases

The dowry for baby: large purchases approaching long-awaited event - the birth of a new man, and parents start to think about acquiring a dowry for the baby.No consensus, each preparing his list of essential items for the baby, but some things occur with surprising regularity.And what for some is a key to the other has no meaning.


For many, the main acquisition, symbolizing the emergence of the child's home.Cots are:

  • wood, metal and plastic;
  • rectangular and oval;
  • on wheels, without wheels, on the arcs and the pendulum swing mechanism;
  • standard and transformers;
  • with movable wall with flip and without such a possibility;
  • provided the organization with manhole for the grown-up child.

You can pick up a crib in color, size, quality, material and method of use.There are also cots, playpens, and cradles.Cradles can be used a short time as soon as the baby will turn over - the cradle of time passes and the child was shifted to the crib.Many mothers do without beds, and not because of financial insolvency.So do those who have long-term breastfeeding.Nothing promotes lactation as co-sleeping, so these moms baby is sleeping in the parental bed to two - three years and then moves to a cozy couch, avoiding cot.

in bed

  • mattress - is now used by orthopedic, double-sided, with a summer party coconut and winter - from Holofayber.
  • Bumpers - Special to crib bumpers, which protect from drafts and from the blows of the Child on the hard wall cots dream dreams: how to understand our dreams Dreams: how to understand our dreams .They significantly improve the aesthetic appearance of the crib.Is not compulsory purchase, many simply hang up if necessary on the edge of the crib blankets or quilts.
  • tent - a beautiful dust collector.If you buy - you need to be washed with the bedding weekly.
  • cushion up to three years is not needed or used children, very thin (like a blanket).
  • Blanket.They need more: warm for winter, transitional thinner, as well as a pair of flannel for the summer.Sometimes purchased separately blanket for walks with the baby, is used only in a wheelchair.
  • Linens - just two sets.


Choice Chair huge.Before buying a vote the following parameters:

  • Dimensions - if necessary to fit in the elevator and the car trunk.
  • Wheels - if walking on asphalt - is one thing, but if the forest - is quite another.
  • height of the basket above the ground - frustrating when run past a dog's mouth is at the level of the child's head.
  • season.If the primary use is planned in the winter - give preference Insulated boxes, and if the summer - using a simple transformer.
  • storage location stroller - to fit in a hallway or a special place.
  • Ability to change the winter summer box handy, sometimes parents just cost a stroller or pram buying convertible.

Some parents do not acquire a stroller, but several.One - basic, in which the child is walking most of the time.The second specifically for giving or for travel - easier to carry and convenient to not feel sorry to leave in the suburban residence.Third buggies for recreation child during hiking.With such a comfortable stroller and public transport use, and implement a long hike.

in a wheelchair

  • mattress usually sold complete with her.
  • oilcloth on the mattress, just in case.
  • blanket for walks.
  • Raincoat.
  • Rattle - stretching.
  • Cases on wheels - if the stroller will be stored at home.
  • Convenient bag for small items needed for a walk.
  • Carrying a child.For sale are usually included with the stroller.Very useful for moving children during the first two months, and in winter provides additional protection from the cold.

car seat

It must be chosen by the child's weight and height for the little ones - with the possibility of accommodation in a reclining position, strong and wide belts.Do not buy a car seat with the hands, as if it was visited in the accident, its protective properties are greatly reduced, although the appearance can be preserved completely.

Svetlana Shimkovich