The rash on the body of a child - for which diseases may be involved

rash on the body of a child Quite often, parents are faced with the problem of rashes in children.The rash on the body of the child does not always mean that there is any disease.In childhood may develop an allergy or irritation when exposed to skin irritants.In such a situation, while eliminating exposure to irritating factor cutaneous manifestations spontaneously pass.Another tactic is required in the case of detection of the disease, since the rash often accompanied by pathological changes of the internal organs.


rash due to viral diseases

In children with frequent acute infectious diseases.A red rash on the body rash on the body: the conclusions only after consultation with your doctor The rash on the body: the conclusions only after consultation with a doctor child is one of the clinical manifestations of chickenpox Chickenpox: painful, but not dangerous Chickenpox: painful, but not dangerous or chickenpox.This disease is most characteristic of the pre-school and primary school children, while in adults and in children under two months, it is less common.There certain seasons, the peak incidence occurs in autumn-winter period.

sick person is potentially dangerous to others (or infectious) only during the incubation period and during the onset of the rash.Initially, the disease appears small nodule or small spots, which later turns into a bubble.Around the bubble there is a section of redness, flushing.Within days, the bubble bursts, after which there is a crust without scarring.A characteristic feature is the simultaneous presence on the skin skin elements at different stages of development.Always remember about a possible atypical variant of the disease.

fine rash over the body of the child may be at Rubella Rubella - it is better to be vaccinated Rubella - it is better to be vaccinated .At first, the rash is localized only on the face, a few days later attacks the body, of course.The period of one week before and several days after the appearance of a rash on the body is considered incubation period.The most dangerous is if the woman is infected in the first months of pregnancy.Fetus can develop defects incompatible with life, so you should avoid contact with the sick person, to carry out preventive measures.


Skin manifestations of allergies in children

have babies often develop an allergic reaction, a manifestation of which is diverse.As allergens various substances can act, for example:

  • food
  • drugs
  • animals, insects
  • plants (especially during flowering)
  • cold (cold allergy)

To find out the true nature ofan allergic reaction, you must pass a comprehensive examination, which reveals the allergen.

rash on the body allergic accompanied by intense itching.It is considered one of the hallmarks of the disease.In some cases, along with rashes on the body of a child can be found blisters filled with clear content.Blisters should not try to open yourself for a short time, they opened spontaneously, leaving no scarring on the skin.

largely allergy in infants depends on the power mother who is breastfeeding.Even if a child has a rash, you should not immediately abandon breastfeeding, transfer the mixture to the artificial, suggesting that the cause of the allergy is intolerance to the protein.Child primarily responds to protein which comes from food nursing mothers, and not to the actual breast milk.Introduction of the mixture can lead to aggravation of allergy due to their contained cow's milk.


What measures should be taken when a rash

grudnichka The skin has its own characteristics, it is quite thin and is easily vulnerable.Strongly recommended to wipe items rashes different liquids containing alcohol.The same recommendation applies to the popular potassium permanganate (or potassium permanganate).This is due to the negative impact point of these fluids to the skin effect of causing excessive dryness.For a child it is necessary to organize proper care.Bathe grudnichka can only boiled water.Get rid of the cutaneous manifestations of help baths with herbs.The effectiveness of these measures is justified only in the absence of skin disorders associated with the action of pathogenic bacteria or viruses.

Also parents should not start treatment independently, handle rash healing ointments without prior medical examination.Any ointment applied to the skin can alter the clinical picture of the disease, which entails difficulty in the diagnosis.No need to sprinkle a rash powder or baby care products for the skin.Sometimes a rash on the body due to overheating grudnichka developing child.

Parents do not take into account the characteristics of thermoregulation in young children, try to wrap it therefore appears sudamen.If you wear grudnichka according to its heat transfer, there will be created conditions for the development of prickly heat Miliaria - a protective reaction of the organism Sudamen - a protective reaction of the organism .

In the room where the child should be a certain temperature and humidity.If you keep these settings, for example, the temperature is between 18-21 degrees and humidity around 70%, it is considered not only preventive and curative interventions.The room should be aired regularly.Eruptions on the skin can be treated with special wipes or baby lotion, to avoid irritating effect on the skin of other funds.

The need for special treatment is required in case of rash of infectious, parasitic and other diseases.If the allergic nature of the rash does not bear danger to others baby humans, in the case of infectious diseases, it is important to begin treatment in time to prevent the infection at the time of incubation.The majority of childhood infections is airborne transmission, so it is important to comply with the hygiene requirements.

Marina Solovyov