Great news, you have a boy!

birth of a boy Many women dream about a girl, but the mother of boys claim that does not regret that it was not possible to nurse her daughter.What a good boy, and what features of education "real men"?

Many women expecting their first child, dreaming about a girl and imagine how they podnesut snuffling bundle of pink as they would with a baby agukat as raschuvstvuetsya happy father when he first takes his daughter in his arms ... But the fate of surprises - and instead of a girla boy is born.

Some expectant mothers are so convinced that a girl wearing a heart that even keep a diary, which begins with the treatment, "my daughter."When the US at the twentieth week shows that a woman is born a boy, she was very surprised about half a second.In fact, the child's gender does not matter, the main thing - that he was born and grew up healthy and happy.Oddly enough, but to move from dream about a girl waiting for a boy is a snap.

Why do women want girls

Psychologists say that the desire to have a child may be the result of your relationship with her mother.Perhaps you have a very close relationship, my mother for you - the best friend, and you want to experience the same emotional bond with his daughter.Or, conversely, your relationship with your mother is far from ideal, and you see her daughter a chance to correct mistakes made by your own mother in your upbringing.

It is natural for a child to dream of your gender, but we must understand that your ideas about the future of the kid - it is a projection of your expectations.Even if you really a girl, she may surprise you, being not at all the person you represent.Do not try to alter her daughter, cherish her individuality and uniqueness.

According to psychology, health education is the desire to raise a child.Point.The fact that you were never a boy, does not mean you can not raise it.Try to give the child as much love, and it will fill all the gaps in education in accordance with the innate quality, environment and social expectations.Practicing gentle, friendly, respectful attitude towards the child, mother strengthens its positive sense of self, a sense of the "I", which, in turn, enables the child to be more personal activity, initiative, interest in the development of the world.By the way, do not impose on the child too high expectations, or psychological discomfort prevent him develop into a full-fledged personality.This applies to both boys and girls.

Beauty relationship of mother and son

You may be surprised at the reaction of its own son.Do not underestimate the Oedipus myth and history of the special relationship between mother and son.You have a unique opportunity to form a subtle sense of identity, to grow a good, responsible and sociable man.Many women dream of an ideal - a perfect husband, perfect child - but you have to love is not ideal, but the fact that they still have - a healthy baby.Mother puts the boy in his understanding of life, understanding of the relationship between man and woman, and then the man subconsciously looking for a wife, similar to mother.Against men with women somehow reflect his love for his mother.

Moreover, some women are so "a taste" that, having given birth to a son and dream about the boys, after all, surrounded by loving men, any woman feel like a queen, and the children are very attached to his mother.

When the family, which already grows several sons, a girl is born, the parents have the opportunity to trace the development of children of both sexes, to understand what they are similar than different.For example, girls are more sensitive to pain than boys.Many mothers have probably noticed that boys are much more stoically tolerate the growth of teeth than girls.However, the girls more complex, they often are more demanding and do not want to share their parents' attention.

differences of temperament boys and girls

Moms boys often complain of restlessness, disobedience and very active nature of the sons and mothers of girls say that daughter grow calm, friendly and independent.If boys and girls suddenly stopped in their development somewhere in the four to five years, the differences between them would be enormous, but with age they are smoothed.Boys and girls are transformed into individuals with individual characteristics and personal qualities, does not depend on gender.Every child is unique, and it is impossible to say who is easier to bring up, boys or girls, because the floor - this is not the only defining characteristic of humans.