The dowry for baby: care

The dowry for baby: care In parallel with the acquisition of children's things going, and a first aid kit for newborn kit for the newborn - the means for all occasions First aid kit for a newborn - the means for all occasions .It is possible that some things from it and do not need, but it's better to have them in stock, what a panic run on pharmacies trying to find an emergency, the more you need not so much.Unfortunately, the "Mother and Child kits" sold as a finished product, a box of valuable, which is conveniently packaged medicines.Content of poor.

for processing umbilical wound there are three simple things: hydrogen peroxide solution and brilliant green cotton swabs.The procedure itself is conducted elementary: peroxide is dropped into umbilical wound, waiting for the "perepuzyritsya" dry cotton swab gently dried, the second cotton swab smeared umbilical wound solution of brilliant green.Make it better after bathing.

For the morning toilet:

  • Eyes washed with two cotton pad soaked usual boiled water, gentle movements from the outer edges to the inside.
  • spout clean cotton flagella of twisted cotton disks soaked and boiled water.
  • Ears do not touch.Appears sulfur ear gently removed with a cotton swab.
  • natural folds rub the cotton pad soaked boiled sunflower oil, cream or special children's children's cosmetic milk.
  • crotch region treat wet wipes.

For bathing water is used with weak antiseptic solutions, which are mainly suitable decoctions of herbs: succession, celandine Celandine - means-tested over the centuries Celandine - a means-tested over the centuries, chamomile, calendula.Previously recommended to bathe the child the first week in boiled water, now so come if you do not believe in its quality.It is important to remember that swimming has a drying effect, so after the children have to use a moisturizing cream or milky lotion of the same orientation.Soap scum and allow to clear the baby's skin more deeply, they use two - three times a week, if necessary.Baby after month, with healthy skin Healthy skin - daily program of skin care Healthy skin - daily program for skin care , it is possible to bathe in the conventional clean water suitable temperature.

Gaza and that it is necessary to deal with them

If the child is worried about the gases in the stomach, you can use the vapor tube.For newborns use the smallest blower (№1), with cut-off bottom.Well in this case it will light massage of the abdomen Massage stomach: a slim body without drugs Massage the stomach: a slim body without drugs , warm diaper on her stomach, wearing on his hands and in a sling.From recommend to stock up on drugs such as Espumizan San Simplex.Perfect and regular dill water or broth of fennel, cooked to order at a pharmacy or welded by parents.

In case of high temperature is necessary to have a thermometer at home.This is usually measured temperature for a long time and he's tough for a baby.Therefore it is better for children to use the thermometer with a soft core, ear thermometer, or made of a pacifier, because they do not bring discomfort to the child and make froze quickly.Common thermometer produces more accurate measurements, and children have an error that is easy to calculate by measuring both thermometers body temperature for the whole family.

Often children have suppuration of eyes, conjunctivitis.In this case, each individual eye is washed with a cotton pad soaked in a strong solution of tea leaves, and then the individual disks moistened with boiled water then drips into the eyes of two drops of sulfacetamide.Sulfacetamide may be used, if the family is allergic to sulfonamides.If there is - it is better to use the eye ointment, age-matched children.

pipettes with a blunt nose is also better to buy in advance as they are very convenient to bury the baby drops to the minimum the possibility that any damage.

scissors nail clippers manicure can be used, and can be purchased for children, with rounded ends, you do not accidentally cut the baby.

Svetlana Shimkovich