Lips of an infant when the child speaks tactlessly

when a child says tactlessly Imagine that you are walking with your child.Are you sure you teach kids good manners, and he knows how to behave in public.And suddenly, quite unexpectedly for you and others, the child gives tactlessness bordering on rudeness, and all this with a completely innocent.You terrified.It does not matter, said the child the truth or not - we can not say the saleswoman at the store, her blue hair look "scary", and that's it.Here you have good manners.All lessons courtesy crumbled, with annoyance think you ... But all is not so simple.

All parents have gone through this.All mom and dad ever found yourself in a situation where their cute baby talking to relatives, friends or complete strangers something unpleasant, if not disgusting and not even realize it.No one can not just learn how to combine the good manners and honesty.Sometimes the situation gets out of control.Your child did not do it on purpose.

Anger - is not an option

How would you not be ashamed, do not point your irritation at the child - you want him to learn the "right" to behave, acquired communication skills and self-confidence, andnot afraid to open his mouth.Try to overcome embarrassment and a desire to sink into the ground in shame or to be somewhere on the other side of the Earth, and remember that your baby is very small and does not understand what did not.If he demands an apology comment, you must be willing to give them.Then you can tell a child: "I understand that you wanted to say something nice, but the opposite happened.Let's talk about this at home. "

careful to "cover»

At the moment of your first social catastrophe (and natural) rush - "cover up" and protect the child, find him an excuse.You would think that it would save the situation.But can you be wrong?In some cases, the "cover" only draw unnecessary attention to the slip of the child and to what he said.Apologies should be concise and to the point.Trying to fix the situation, you can only exacerbate a bad impression.

Tact - this art

Tact - is understanding the subtleties of social interaction, which is difficult to master.Some is and is not possible.Sure, among your friends have at least one adult who regularly confuses others indiscretions.If some adults so difficult to comply with tact and not to commit embarrassing blunders, then what to talk about small children?They are doubly difficult.

Perhaps the best way to explain why it is sometimes better to be silent than to speak - is to turn to the main ethical principle ("Do unto others as you would have them do unto you").Suggest that the child might say in such a situation.For example, you could show how you can make a compliment Compliments and their meaning: do not mistake the words Compliments and their meaning: do not mistake the words something that really like a child, rather than focusing on the fact that it seems strange or ugly.

Learn to accept leniency surrounding

As most of us at least once in their lives found themselves in such a situation, many among us who respond to children's tactless laugh or a knowing look.All parents make mistakes in the process of raising a child Raising a child: who will win? Raising a child: who will win? , and you too will not escape this fate.Of course, there are people who react to the incident with little understanding, but they would do well to remember his childhood.

Do not be ashamed to accept indulgence of others.Discuss the incident with other parents to know that you are not alone in your confusion.Remember: tactlessness child no shame or abnormal, it happens to everyone.In the end (maybe even sooner than you think), you can remember about the situation with a smile.