Horsetail hair - strengthens the roots, eliminates seborrhea

field horsetail hair Horsetail hair is very useful, as it provides strength and elasticity of hair.As a result, they become elastic, shiny, grow better and less drop.Especially useful horsetail seborrhea - it inhibits the excessive secretion of the sebaceous glands of the scalp, relieves itching and flaking.


Horsetail hair: application

Infusion of horsetail has long been used in folk medicine for the treatment of hair and strengthen Treatment Hair - recipes from grandmothers to modern procedures Hair treatment - recipes from grandmothers to modern procedures .Today let medicated shampoos, which include horsetail, intended to strengthen weakened hair and treatment of seborrhea.

mechanism of action of horsetail for hair condition mainly associated with the presence of silica in it.Silicon - is an element of strength.In humans it a bit, but it is vital.Most silicon is a part of the skin, hair and eye lens.It silicon stimulates hair growth, makes the hair elastic, elastic, alive.


Horsetail when seborrheic dermatitis

Seborrheic dermatitis - a chronic inflammatory disease of the skin associated with an increase in the amount and change the chemical composition of sebum.The disease most often occurs on the background of hormonal disorders in adolescence.This increases blood levels of male sex hormones, one result of which is the proliferation and increased secretion of the sebaceous glands of the skin with the sebum changes in chemical composition.It formed a perfect breeding ground for pathogens that penetrate the skin, causing its inflammation.

When seborrheic dermatitis on the scalp appears inflamed and itchy skin.Then, on the scalp there are small white scales, join inflammation, red spots and hills covered mukovidnymi greasy scales, and sometimes yellow-bloody crusts.


the treatment of seborrhea of ​​the complex treatment often include shampoos based on horsetail, as well as extracts of this plant, which is taken orally and used externally in the form of applications on the scalp.


Horsetail increases blood flow to the hair roots, regulates metabolism improves metabolism and losing weight without dieting Improves metabolism and losing weight without dieting in skin cells, nourishes the skin with calcium and silicon - substances necessary for the construction of the shell of the hair.Present therein silicon compounds are powerful catalysts for oxidation-reduction processes.


decoction of horsetail hair

Horsetail is prescribed for a variety of skin problems most common skin problems and their solutions The most common skin problems and their solutions head and hair.Infusions of horsetail can be taken orally and then all the biologically active substances are absorbed into the bloodstream and from there enter the cells of the skin and hair follicles, activating metabolic processes in them.


To enhance the effectiveness of the treatment of the extracts of this plant are used and externally in the form of applications.


To prepare for the internal use of horsetail 2 tablespoons of dry powdered herb placed in an enamel bowl, pour a glass of boiled water at room temperature, close lid and heated in boiling water (for water bath) for 15 minutes.Then the infusion was cooled at room temperature for 45 minutes, strain, wring out, bring the volume of the resulting infusion boiled water to the original level and receive (pre-infusion of shaking), a quarter cup 2-3 times a day an hour after eating.

Reception horsetail inside should be courses for 3-4 weeks, and better coordination with the doctor, as it can irritate the renal parenchyma and the mucosa of the gastrointestinal tract.Therefore, infusions of horsetail is not recommended for children under 12 years of age, pregnant women, nursing mothers and people suffering from severe kidney disease with dysfunction of this body.

Infusion for topical use is prepared at the rate of 10 tablespoons of herb per liter of boiling water.That extract can rinse your hair after washing.In seborrheic dermatitis can make application to the scalp with the infusion of horsetail.They are made course, every other day, from 15 to 20 treatments.Too frequent or prolonged outdoor use infusions of horsetail can cause excessive dryness of the skin, so between treatments must be a break of about three months.


shampoo with horsetail

Cosmetic industry produces a range of therapeutic shampoo for hair strengthening Strengthen hair - how to protect themselves from the negative effects? Strengthen hair - how to protect themselves from the negative effects? with horsetail.For example, soap, shampoo with horsetail, Farmona Radical strengthening shampoo with extract of horsetail, horsetail shampoo with nasturtium and to strengthen weakened hair and stuff.

Horsetail hair is a great tool that strengthens the hair, give elasticity, shine and get rid of seborrhea.

Galina Romanenko