Porentsefalicheskaya cyst - rare disorder

porentsefalicheskaya cyst Porentsefalicheskaya cyst - a cyst that forms in the tissues of the brain;often it is formed in utero or shortly after birth.This is a sign porentsefalii cyst - disorders in which the brain and appear cyst cavity containing fluid.

Porentsefalicheskaya cyst is considered a rare disorder, but it is not known exactly how often it develops.While this data is available only through a study conducted back in the eighties of the last century.In this study, doctors studied medical records of 18,000 patients with epilepsy Epilepsy - a sacred disease Epilepsy - a sacred disease and / or a variety of malformations of the nervous system.Eleven of them were identified porentsefalicheskie cyst, that is, that the violation was detected in one of the 1650 patients.However, these data can not be used to make assumptions about what percentage of people who do not have these health problems can be porentsefalicheskie cysts.


reasons porentsefalicheskoy cysts

believed that any factors that result in local tissue necrosis of the brain, can cause the formation of cysts porentsefalicheskoy.Around the area of ​​dead tissue sheath is formed by a special and necrotic tissue within it, eventually substituted with cerebrospinal fluid.Initiated the process can viral infections caused by, for example, cytomegalovirus Cytomegalovirus - what is its danger? Cytomegalovirus - what is its danger? .Porentsefalicheskaya cyst of the brain can be caused by infection transferred by the mother during pregnancy, and the diseases that the child was infected after birth.The cause of this disorder may also be a variety of injuries.In very rare cases, a cyst is formed as a result of accidental damage caused by needle amniocentesis.

The question of whether the associated formation of cysts porentsefalicheskoy to genetic factors, is still open, but it is actively exploring.

This issue is very important for professionals involved in genetic counseling, as well as for people who want to take advantage of this service.If it is found that the likelihood of developing a cyst caused by heredity, can be assumed that if a woman previously had a baby with the disorder, her future children are also at increased risk of porentsefalii.So far, however, the role of genetics in the development of this disorder remains unclear.


Symptoms porentsefalicheskoy cysts

Cyst Symptoms of this type are very diverse - they are connected with the brush size, the number of cysts and their location;It depends on the extent to which the cyst will affect the development and health.If porentsefalicheskaya cyst is very small, perhaps it a long time - if ever - will not cause any symptoms and most likely, will not be detected.As a rule, revealed relatively large porentsefalicheskie cysts, which can lead to early death, epilepsy, moderate or severe mental retardation Mental retardation - if the mind is underdeveloped Mental retardation - if the mind is underdeveloped , reduction of visual acuity and blindness, sensory disturbances and / or mobility of some partsbody paralysis.

porentsefalicheskie Sometimes cysts develop symmetrically, ie, in both hemispheres of the brain cavity have a similar size and located opposite each other.When these cysts become very large, between them can be only a thin strip of tissue in the cortex of the brain, which resembles the top of the basket handle (which is why in the English language this phenomenon is informally called basket brain).Such a violation is called Hydranencephaly - this is a very rare malformation.It should not be confused and gidrotsifaliey in which, as a rule, important structures of the brain are normal, and people with this diagnosis, if he receives prompt and adequate treatment, may live a full life.

Hydranencephaly often diagnosed until several months after birth, as it seems at first quite healthy (hydrocephalus, on the contrary, at an early age there is a characteristic increase in the skull).Some time later, however, there are signs of delayed mental and physical development, beginning epilepsy, hearing and vision deteriorates.


Treatment Usually treatment for porentsefalicheskoy cyst is aimed at relieving the symptoms, that is, it is only supportive.For example, a patient may have to take anti-epileptic drugs, physical therapy, and regularly carry out special procedure to remove fluid that accumulates inside the skull.

Hydranencephaly Complete cure is not possible at this time.

prognosis of this disorder is very unfavorable, many children with this diagnosis die before they reach one year.In rare cases, patients live for several years and even decades ("survivor" among patients Hydranencephaly lived for more than thirty years), but because of the underdevelopment they always need help families and professionals.