Strabismus in children - importance of the problem

Strabismus in Children If your child has a deviation of the axis of the fixation point, it should be regarded as a pathological condition or a squint.There is impaired perception and of visual information.Strabismus in children can not be considered a normal variant, so parents need to see a specialist, if you saw any deviation from the normal eye fixation.


most common cause of strabismus in children

Baby strabismus develops most often between the ages of one to three years, with the possible development of the disease and are older.Separately isolated congenital form of strabismus.Strabismus in children under one year should be regarded as acquired in early childhood, and to take the necessary therapeutic measures.Of deviations in the normal position of the eye contribute to the complications that develop in women during pregnancy and childbirth.

Causes of strabismus in children can be divided into the following groups, of which identify the direct cause of the disease in the course of due diligence:

  • complications of pregnancy, childbirth
  • diseases of the nervous system in a child
  • transferred childhood infectious diseases
  • action traumatic factor
  • concomitant eye diseases
  • pathology of the muscular system

Quite often squint develops against the background of existing eye problems, and first of all here should be attributed hyperopia Hyperopia - than it is fraught? Hyperopia - than it is fraught? .If a child has myopia Myopia - just a feature of Myopia - just a feature of , it may also be the backdrop for the development of deviations in the normal arrangement of the eyes.Squint a child leads to a decrease in visual acuity and the ability to bulk holistic visual perception.It is important to identify in a timely manner, which is a major causal factor in the development of the disease and to conduct appropriate correction of violations.


problem of paralytic strabismus in children

defeat of the eye muscles or nerves can occur in various pathological conditions, which develops as a result of paralytic strabismuschildren.The cause damage to the neuromuscular apparatus can become obstructed labor (birth trauma), hemorrhage, tumor processes, infectious and toxic diseases, poisoning and others.When this disease due to paralysis of the muscles is deflected eye on the affected side to the opposite side.

course of the disease depends on the nature of the underlying disease that caused the damage to the nerves or muscles of the eye.Strabismus is accompanied by complaints of dizziness, double vision.This is considered a distinguishing feature, however taken into account in the process of installation and confirm the diagnosis.An objective examination drew attention to the fact that sharply limited or no eye movement in the direction of the diseased muscle.

Treatment of strabismus Strabismus - how to find the cause? Strabismus - how to find the cause? in children requires a lot of effort, not only from a doctor, as well as from their parents.The process itself takes several years of treatment, at the same time is quite difficult period of rehabilitation after surgery.

In the first stage of therapy begins with physiotherapy (electrical muscle stimulation) or special exercises that promote the ability of ocular motility.Operation of strabismus in children is shown in the presence of persistent paresis or paralysis of the eye muscles.Already at the stage of the postoperative period are to commence exercises to develop the muscles of the affected eye.


about the necessity of preventive examination of the child

question the effectiveness of the treatment of strabismus Treatment of strabismus - ways of correcting violations Treatment of strabismus - path correction of infringements depends on the timeliness of its detection.In this regard, parents should understand that even the appearance of them doubt that a child has a squint, you need to see a specialist.Newborn children have the anatomical features of the facial skeleton, which can create a picture of the presence of strabismus, while in fact this disease is not present.Just holding a special ophthalmological examination by a doctor of pediatric ophthalmology can be clarified to exclude go to confirm that a child is a violation of fixation.

doctor makes an individual plan of the survey, which should include advice related professionals.The question of how to treat strabismus in children is determined by whether or not there comorbidities from the organ of vision, and other body systems.In this regard, the child should be examined by a neurologist physician, especially in case of complicated childbirth or in the presence of neurological complaints.

Types of strabismus in children are diverse, they number twenty.For diagnosis of the disease was timely, parents should be aware that there are certain periods when you need to show the child to the doctor.

This is especially important in the first year of life.Ophthalmologist conducting preventive care immediately after birth, at the age of two and six months and one year.Complex examination is the key to the effectiveness of the therapy in the future.The question of how to identify a squint in a child is decided based on how flowed pregnancy and childbirth, if the baby has a genetic pathology and other diseases.

need for preventive examinations due to the fact that the doctor when indicated can recommend a set of special exercises for the eyes.Exercises in strabismus in children considered to be an effective curative and preventive method.Their implementation can prevent its progression or strabismus, when the child would perform them regularly under the supervision of parents.In the course of regular inspections to monitor the dynamics of changes, allowing you to see the whole, how effective is a set of exercises for the eyes.

Marina Solovyov