Dummy - dummy, and only

soother Many women expecting a baby, love to go to specialized shops, considering the different little things baby.Periodically, they buy all sorts of nice, cheap stuff.These include, pacifiers.Indeed, it is difficult to resist buying this nice character infancy.But in fact dummy is not a necessity, and it may be not necessary for the child.

physiological fact

sucking reflex is pronounced in infants and gradually begins to fade in the second year of life.It - one of the main unconditioned reflexes, allowing the child to survive as produce their own food, he can only sucking.The more sucks, the more food gets - it is programmed at the genetic level.

Simultaneously suckling to saturate the child feels warm mother, her calm, even breathing and heartbeat, which reminds him of the happiest periods of fetal life and calm - at the same time addressing the need for food, the child feels comfortable sense of security.

feeding mothers only in photographs looks oval, with a resilient nipple.Located at the mouth of the child of the mother's breast is flattened and stretched a long strip, almost to the root of his tongue.

baby sucking movements "milking" measured, committed largely language.They are clearly visible.

Even when the child is not hungry and sucks for calm, the mother's breast is just a child's tongue movement and swallowing less intense movement he makes is rare, but still commits.

From the history of pacifiers

first dummy appeared a long time ago, in Russia they were analogue zhevanki.Well chewed food imposed in cloth, tied knot with a long tail and tied to the cradle of one party and another, with tyurey, put in the baby's mouth.

Basically this method was extended to the poor peasant families, the woman forced to absent herself for a long time from home to work in the field.If a child is constantly sucked zhevanki, then weakened.Often these children are dying of malnutrition or intestinal infections.Wealthy families in the impossibility of breast feeding Breastfeeding: Breast - and no nails! Breast-feeding: feed - and no nails! , hired a nurse.

Dummy today

If a child is on the right of breastfeeding on demand, it is not required Dummy - all the problems it will solve with the help of the mother's breast.And if you try to give a pacifier specifically, the baby just spit it, because to hold the pacifier, you need to create a negative pressure in the oral cavity, and it is - a completely different mechanism of sucking.

Dummy and bottle feeding

Another thing - the children on artificial or mixed feeding.They do not get breast on demand and can not fully meet all their needs.When feeding from a bottle child quickly saturated, without receiving proper pleasure from sucking and short contact with the mother.Intuitively, such a child will begin to suck it, how could reach - his own fingers, the edge of the diaper.If you give him a pacifier, most likely, he was willing to accept it.Sucking on pacifiers baby - substitutive process where better to have something instead of nothing.

However tough latex or silicone pacifier never repeat the form of soft mother's breast, while in the mouth of the child.She is working on the pliable wall causing their deformation, resulting in malocclusion Malocclusion: never too late to fix Malocclusion: never too late to fix and violation of pronunciation in a more or less pronounced form.

If the child does not give any breast or a pacifier, it will satisfy their need to suck, stuffing into his mouth anything, being exposed to a high risk of intestinal infections.On this basis, at some stage of development the baby bottle-fed better offer carefully selected for his age pacifier.Buy them a few better, to be able to be sterilized.

Svetlana Shimkovich