Children's interest in the genitals if the child plays "in the doctor '

children The other day you caught your son or daughter, four-year playing "in the doctor" with the neighbor's child.You have always considered such an innocent expression of sexuality and interest in sex is quite natural and normal for the child, but, being in this situation, we felt awkward and did not know how to react, what to say.As psychologists recommend parents to behave in such a situation?

A psychologist

It is a question of wisdom and the ability to quickly navigate to the situation and to give the child his age required (in this situation) information about sexual development.Modern cultural and media context of this difficult task, but if you seek to instill in children a healthy attitude toward sex and sexuality Nine ways to experience their sexuality Nine ways to experience their sexuality , do not panic because of this incident and give it too much importance.

Sexuality - a major and integral part of everyone's life and it is natural that children show interest in it.Therefore it is so important for parents to take the initiative of sex education and tell the child about sex on their own terms - otherwise it can learn about all of the others, is not the most reliable of sources, and no one can predict how this information (or disinformation) it will affect.But to start sex education is never too late!If you caught his son, when he played "in the doctor" with the neighbor boys, does not mean that the tragedy occurred, the child became a pervert or something like that.

How to respond

Remember - your child does not see anything wrong in comparing his penis with a penis other.Before we intervene in children's play, take a deep breath.Do not confuse the child and do not make him feel that there is something wrong.Tell me what you see, what they consider each other's bodies.Can you say, "I see you have a penis and your friend, too."If you do not have the guts to say it, do not tell.At such times we should speak as little as possible.But you must be emphasized that sexual organs - this is personal, and no one else should see them and touch them up.Calmly help the children to dress and offer a different game.

The more relaxed you will respond to questions about the child and his behavior in this area, the faster he will lose interest in this.You will not be able to avoid this period, and the child will not focus on the subject, if you do not do that.

perfectly natural curiosity of children and also of course, that the children have an interest in a variety of spheres of life, including sex.Another thing, when one by viewing the child is not limited to the genitals, and in the course are touching.In this case, you should report what he saw another child and parents together to develop a strategy to happen does not happen again.But shame or punish the children do not need to explain to them that such behavior is unacceptable and no one has the right to touch the private parts of man but himself.

Parents need to remember that the lack of sex education, coupled with an innate curiosity just may lead to sexual experimentation.This phenomenon is quite common, and in each situation, you should apply an individual approach, since there is no single solution.