Strabismus in infants - which is the norm and pathology

strabismus in newborns After giving birth, parents should pay attention to any manifestation of violation of fixation.Strabismus in infants may be considered physiological, normal state in the first months of life.The child's eyes gradually adapt, strengthen muscular system occurs over time squint disappears.If you saved the abnormal eye fixation, then it should be an occasion to address the pediatric ophthalmology.


avilable body of the newborn

A careful examination of the child immediately after birth drew attention to the presence of strabismus.Strabismus in infants develops due to the weakness of the muscular apparatus of the eye.Initially, the child can not independently control the direction in which the moving eyeballs.For this reason, the eyes look in different directions, causing concern from parents.Rate the existing violations can only be a specialist, so from the recommended preventive examinations can not give up, they need to be held regularly.

Strabismus in infants is not stored for a long time, quickly.Eye muscles should be trained, so it takes some time.Muscle tone is restored as the child grows.A newborn's eyes are literally "disperse" in hand or, on the contrary, converge in the nose.In the course of the child's growth is the establishment of a synchronous-eye, which provides the ability to watch and see.

There are also certain features associated with the structure of the facial skeleton.Causes of strabismus the child in this case is considered to be functional, therefore, do not require treatment.In the neonatal period the child learns to fix or concentrate the mind, while he develops a state of fatigue, which leads to retraction of the eye to the side.Gradually these violations persist, and there is the normal position of both eyes.


How strabismus can be dangerous

process to strengthen the eye muscles the baby can last from one to six months.During this time, the squint is regarded as a physiological state, there is no need to take therapeutic measures.Rate this condition should only be a doctor, so the task of parents is to seek timely advice.Strabismus, which occurred in infants does not inspire fear.

In the process of training the eye muscles gradually begin to look the same eyes, the child is formed binocular vision.If parents notice that there is no clear fixation gaze after six months, it is mandatory to show the child to the doctor to determine the cause of the pathological state.With delayed treatment, especially if go to the doctor as early as one year of age and older, vision may deteriorate progressively.Reduced vision is one of the major complications in the development of strabismus.

Often parents can provoke the development of persistent squint if fail to comply with preventive measures.

A newborn baby has a specific structural features of the eyes, which are primarily in the form of the eyeball.In contrast to the adult form of the eyeball infant flattened.This feature eyes newborn explains why the child should buy large toys and bring them close to his face.


What should be the approach to treatment

Choice of treatment tactics depends on the extent to which a survey was conducted of the child.Comprehensive survey helps in proper diagnosis.Treatment of strabismus Strabismus - how to find the cause? Strabismus - how to find the cause? in newborns can be divided into several methods:

  • conservative therapy
  • surgery

spectacle correction is carried out at a certain age.Wearing glasses makes it possible to correct blurred vision (nearsightedness or farsightedness), respectively, and including strabismus.Conservative methods make it possible to improve visual acuity, but this is not enough during the treatment.In combination with spectacle correction appoint specially designed exercises for eyes, eye muscles are exercised and help in correcting eye fixation.It is important that lessons were conducted with the child in the form of the game, then it will do the exercises regularly.

also developed a method of conservative treatment of strabismus Treatment of strabismus - ways of correcting violations Treatment of strabismus - path correction of infringements as occlusion when good eye for a while during the day closed with a bandage.This allows the eye on the affected side to work with a double load, at full strength.Conducting medical treatment ensures the restoration of normal visual links between the two eyes, which leads to the appearance of a normal image perception.

question of the operation occurs when the ineffectiveness of conservative therapy.Surgery can restore the normal balance between the eye muscles, disturbed a number of reasons.

Compulsory methods of conservative treatment should be carried out in the postoperative period to consolidate the achieved therapeutic effect.In the process of restoration of binocular vision in strabismus it may take several years.

in the complex treatment of strabismus also include carrying out physiotherapy treatments such as electrical stimulation of the muscles.Successful use special devices that are aimed at stimulation of the visual cortex.Their application takes into account the child's age, the presence of contraindications, thus performed only in specialized offices.With the right approach, the choice of treatment strategy strabismus well to treatment, with clinical recovery occurs in 97% of cases.

Marina Solovyov