How to educate the younger child: 10 Tips for parents

how to educate the younger child Tips for Parents Younger children often behave defiant and provocative - all in order to divert attention from older brothers and sisters and to compensate for age.Although they use tactics to attract attention may vary from completely innocent to manipulation, you can turn this feature them in your favor.So, we offer a few tips to parents to educate their outgoing, open, cheerful and a little selfish younger child.

play by the rules

Parents often as addicted to the preparation for the school competition in the older child or efforts to keep the middle of the graffiti on the walls in the living room that ignore the needs of the younger son or daughter.Child psychologists emphasize how important it is to include the youngest child in the family life.When the eldest daughter constantly spends time with peers, parents should arrange a holiday for the youngest child.This will strengthen the relationship of the child with his family, will enable him to feel parental love and care.

not treat the child as a child ...

Young children often feel abandoned, because "too small" for gaming and entertainment older.But do not relate to four year old boy, as a baby, just because he is the youngest.Since childhood accustom young child to be independent and autonomous - let it helps you to set the table or gathering the scattered toys.This will give him confidence, give the opportunity to feel "adult", regardless of the place in the family hierarchy.

Do not give your child special privileges

youngest child in the family in any way trying to win the attention of adults, so a five-year kid, dancing in front of TV, when parents watch the news - a fairly common pattern.Certainly, it is very important to pay attention to the child and the time to youngest did not feel deprived, but do not specifically set it apart from the others, allowing him that for the rest forbidden.

Encourage your child to answer for their actions

clear that you love your chips, just the soul in it worships.But if you let your five year old daughter opened neglect family responsibilities, to disobey with impunity bullying older kids, you expect big problems with discipline in the future.In addition, this apparent injustice can lead to rebellion among the children.Psychologists recommend an early age to teach a child responsibility for their actions and be punished for violation of family rules and prohibitions.According to statistics, the younger children are least likely to punish, because to him a lot more indulgent parents than to their elder brother and sisters.

If necessary, protect the child from older children

parents in a large family have to perform the role of an arbitrator unattractive.Older children are often treated dismissively to the younger, bullied and insulted them.When the situation gets out of control, parents need to intervene, not just scold an older child and say that to do so bad.There is no need to protect the younger, not yet knowing how to fight back on their own.If older children do not allow younger to finish the sentence, you should say, "Come quietly, everybody calmed down.Your brother (or sister) wants to say something, and you disturb him. "

Do not be afraid to say "no" - and do not beat yourself up about this

Youngest child to the family of a selfish and conceited than older children (which is natural), so do not be surprised if your six-year old daughter suddenlythrew a tantrum in the store because you do not want to buy her favorite thing.But rather than give in to emotional blackmail and go on about his daughter, to be firm and say a resounding "no."Do not rush to fulfill every request (or demand) your beloved youngest child.Treat it in the same way as the other children - buy what they need, and not what he wants.This will teach the child humility and modesty.

Age - it is only the number of

Youngest child is often left aside when playing older children - he supposedly can not just run fast, jump as high or as fast to think and react.But for your four year old son, the exiled senior with children's playground, it does not matter.The only thing he knew - with him not want to play.There appears on the scene and explain to you what to play football with his ten-year boys still early, but soon he will grow up and will be able to join them.

Explain to your child that he rides a tricycle, not because it is worse than others, but because his legs have not grown.A few years later he grows up and then change to a two-wheeled bicycle.It is no worse than the rest - just younger, and his age is about to change.

Do not close your eyes to the lies of the child

To attract the attention of others, often the youngest child "exaggerating" the facts.Your eight year old son complained that he had a high fever (forty degrees!), So he will not go to school?Do not be lazy to measure his temperature, and to prove that he is deceiving you - and you will not close its eyes to its hype!

Talk with your child

younger may hide their feelings and behave in a passive-aggressive if they feel that they are being ignored.Therefore, if the child is kept to himself and offended, the first step should be made to communicate to adults, children otherwise fleeting anger escalate into a serious offense.

For example, if your five year old daughter stops to talk to you, because the older sisters did not want to take her with him, it is important to explain to her that it does not mean that the sisters do not like it or they do not want to play with her.No, it means that they have their own business, as well as her - his own, personal.Explain to her that every man should be a private space, which should be respected.

Encourage your child's participation in the games senior

Because of the age difference age difference between spouses: what is optimal? The age difference between spouses: what is optimal? difficult to find something that would unite the children of thirteen, ten and six years.Your teenage son is not divorced from the game console, but these games are too difficult to understand ... Sport Six-Year?Children have different levels of development of motor skills ... But they all can visit the Natural History Museum, to go to an amusement park or a game of badminton.These lessons will be of interest to all.