Edema boys - when surgery is performed

dropsy boys Increasing the testicle (or edema) in young children is often revealed by finding the child in the maternity hospital.Much more often faced with a situation where the boys revealed edema in the next survey at the children's doctor in the clinic.This is due to the fact that in this disease the general condition of the child is not changed, so the parents do not arise worry about it.


How can first detect the disease

hydrocele boys characterized by the development of clinical symptoms, which do not have specific symptoms.These manifestations include the following changes:

  • increase in testicular size
  • presence of edema

In most cases, the disease process develops on one side, while there may be cases of bilateral lesions.One of the diseases that is clinically occurs also with an increase in the scrotum is an inguinal hernia Inguinal hernia - dangerous or not? Inguinal hernia - dangerous or not? .Hernia must first be differentiated from hydrocele, so be sure to carry out diagnostic measures for distinguishing the two diseases.When hydrocele impossible to reposition finger unlike inguinal hernia, which is easy to reduce a while you hear a distinctive sound.

Other symptoms develop, if the cause of dropsy is an infectious factor or a traumatic impact.There are complaints of pain in the groin, or a feeling of heaviness, discomfort, a change in the child's behavior (restlessness).When the infectious nature of the disease there is an increase in body temperature, hot flashes or chills.At the first sign of trouble, parents should show the child specialist in time to have been carried out diagnostic measures.


What are the age characteristics

hydrocele in newborn boys is revealed on closer examination the parents, for example, while bathing or dressingchild.The opposite situation is the diagnosis in children adolescence.At this age, children become more independent, they do not always discuss the problems they have encountered health with parents.

task of parents is to be more careful and try to notice any deviations from the usual behavior of the boy earlier.

Indirect signs hydrocele in older children include changes in gait.Gait The movement resembles a duck, so it is often called the "duck."To this one should pay attention in the first place.Often, a child locked in the toilet, which should also attract parental attention.Should be encouraged to pay attention to the fact that the boy had raised questions on medical topics.

Soreness in the study increased in the amount of the scrotum is an indirect sign of a secondary infection, ie the accession of infection (most often it is conditionally pathogenic).In most cases, the pain is not characteristic of hydrocele, so this feature greatly helps the physician in the differential diagnosis.If the disease is severe, can occur when a significant increase in the size of the scrotum, it is already attracting the attention of parents and makes them show a child specialist.


timeliness of surgery

Most hydrocele requires surgery.The acceptability of a conservative watchful waiting if the edema was caused by the traumatic impact (traumatic form of the disease).Rate dynamics of the state can be for three months.This approach is only allowed when there is no violation of the integrity of the testicle.If within this period no normalization condition, we should resolve the issue of the timing of surgery.

Treatment of dropsy testes in boys should begin after reaching the age of two.This is due to anatomical development, so young children, there are cases of self-healing.

main technical feature of the operation is minimal injury spermatic cord, in consequence, not to provoke the development of infertility Causes - heredity and lifestyle The causes of infertility - heredity and lifestyle .It's safe to say that the treatment by surgery is an effective and safe method.After surgery rarely relapses or re-occurrence of hydrocephalus, the percentage does not exceed 5%.This indicator reflects the minimal risk of complications.

operation itself does not require a long-term presence in a specialized department.Most clinics surgery is performed on an outpatient basis.Nor is there any cosmetic defects, as the doctor makes the cut along the seam, which is a natural median seam on the scrotum.The child is for this reason there is no psychological discomfort, which is an advantage of the selected treatment strategy.

produced in the period after surgery is assigned a care for the child.It should stop wearing close underwear, it is recommended to give preference to supporting undergarments.This helps to remove or ease the tension that can develop in the groin area.To the postoperative period was uneventful, it is necessary to limit the exercise, so parents should monitor the physical activity of the child.

first postoperative day may be complicated by severe pain, so the appointment of painkillers, anti-inflammatory drugs is justified.The dose is chosen on the basis of the child's age.Most often, the child does not feel much pain, so before prescribing painkillers should be evaluated in the first data of objective examination.

Marina Solovyov