The first latch baby to the breast: the happiness of motherhood

first attachment of the child to his chest When a person takes up work unfamiliar to him, he always doubted the correctness of its implementation.The same thing happens when a woman first encounters with breastfeeding Breastfeeding: Breast - and no nails! Breast-feeding: feed - and no nails! their child.If before this study the relevant literature, it becomes a little easier.

first moments of life

heard the first cry of a child.The doctor inspects the newborn, assess and authorize the attachment to the breast.

first child is placed on the mother's abdomen, providing an early body contact.It is not a tradition or fashion, but a powerful stimulating factor, triggering deep reflections motherhood and ensuring the start of lactation.

child while resting on the mother's body, and then tries to raise his head, making searching movements, her mouth wide open and tongue sticking out.He feels, where the smell of milk.If nothing is done, the newborn will try to move in the direction of the mother's breast.

But as his strength a little bit, it was quickly tire and to the end point of his journey, he could not reach.Therefore, it is not necessary to carry out such experiments.It is better to see the first search motion, immediately transfer the baby to the breast.

technique first applying

first breastfeeding should take place as soon as the baby shows signs of readiness to do so.The kid opens his mouth wide, mum gives him the chest and ... nothing happens.Minutes passed, the baby starts to cry, Mama nervous.It seems that they will never reach the understanding.

In fact, the technique is quite simple: the sucking reflex is most pronounced in the first hour of life - with this in a healthy newborn is no problem.Mum is to provide a child-resistant safety position and power.

After birth mother is usually reclining, so it must be placed between the body and the child's left arm so that her breasts were at his face.This position allows the child a sense of security and stability.

right hand woman forms the chest between the thumb and fingers so that the chest is flat.The fingers are far enough away from the nipple.The nipple is "looking" at the tip of the child.

Now we need to wait until the baby will open his mouth wide.Gently press the need to ensure the movement of the baby tighter to her.At the same time the lower part of the breast areola is placed on the lower lip and the tongue of the child.Then the child reflexively grab the chest as needed, so that the entire areola will be in his mouth, and fit the nipple deep, almost to the throat.The lips of the child at the same time turned out.

If done correctly, the baby starts to suck.It is desirable that the first time he sucked from both breasts, for twenty minutes.

Value proper and successful applying overemphasized.Formed a strong psychological bond mother-child, prevents the development of immune depression, allergies, diseases of the breast in women.


The belief that colostrum - the milk is immature, to put it mildly, not quite right.It is better to say that the colostrum - a special milk that nature has prepared, as a first food for the baby.Its a bit, and the mother think that her chest is empty.But we should not forget the fact that the volume of the stomach of a newborn baby is less than a teaspoon!

Colostrum many researchers compared the medicine.It is full of leukocytes leukocytes as the basis of immunity White blood cells as the basis of immunity and immunoglobulins, especially A. Even a drop of colostrum, ranked in the mouth to the child, protect him from infection and strengthen the immune system Immunity - the types and characteristics of children in adult Immunity - types and characteristics in children in adults .Beta-casein promotes maturation of the nervous system, oligosaccharides, which are more than a hundred in the colostrum are responsible for the work of the gastrointestinal tract, lactoferrin helps absorb iron, preventing anemia Anemia - when you do not have enough blood Anemia - when you do not have enough blood .The vitamin content in colostrum at times more than milk.

nutritional properties also exceed colostrum milk: protein content, for example, three times as above.

After two or three days, the child begins to demand the breast is often long and it sucks.Many mothers believe it is a sign of lack of milk and offer the child the mixture.In fact, according to the will need to keep his baby at the breast as much as he wants.This will lead to a transition of the concentrated colostrum to normal human milk in a volume that meets the needs of a particular child.

Svetlana Shimkovich