Children's fears and methods to deal with it

children Children grow and change, and with them are changing, and their fears.The monsters living under the bed, storm, a loud strange noise or darkness is no longer forced to flee the child to her mother and seek her protection.The most common phobias in children of school age: the fear of being kidnapped, fear of parents' divorce, fear of death, fear of fire, thieves, fear to fail the exams and fear of being loyal friends.

Situation Analysis

Psychologists say that children are difficult to separate anxiety anxiety - how to distinguish normal from disease? Anxiety - how to distinguish normal from disease? fear.Fear - is a reaction to certain factors internal or external stimulus (such as a neighbor's dog), while anxiety - anxiety is due to the fact that has not happened yet, and may never happen (such as an earthquake or the attackaliens).When parents understand that it hurts their child - fear or anxiety - they will be able to help him cope with this problem.

  • most important thing - to take seriously the child's fear, acknowledge its existence.If you talk about fear as something real and natural, the child ceases to build it into a cult.But beware: be careful not to pass the child their own fears and not be intimidated him even more.If the child does not want to talk about their fears and phobias, ask him to tell or write about them in the form of a fairy tale, in which the protagonist deals with fearless monster of fear (the story can be and paint).
  • Get rid of the fears often helps logical analysis of reality and a plan of action.For example, with your child, you can figure out what to do if the dog will approach too close to him.If the child is afraid of the dentist, play with him on the eve of a visit to the dentist's dental office.Try to make sure that your child is accustomed to fear.The more independent the child - the better it is to cope with their fears.
  • Learn to recognize the alarming behavior of the child, to give him a quick help.Some children experience fear and anxiety deep inside.Other such experiences translate into disobedience, bad behavior, sleep disorders Dreams: how to understand our dreams Dreams: how to understand our dreams , headaches or stomach pain.
  • find a middle ground between care and total control.The child should feel secure, but does not have to rely on parents and holding mother's skirt.He must remain calm one.Of course, the duty of parents - to protect the child from unpleasant situations, but should not be deprived of its ability to fill their own bumps and learn from their mistakes.

If the fears and anxieties of the child preventing him from leading a normal life, seek help from a professional psychologist or therapist.

Stress house

Many parents ask themselves: how children affect used methods of education?Not everyone has the time and the possibility of the "right" to bring up children.Often in the morning we wake up a child is not sweet words and shouting: "Get up!Hurry!Going to school (garden)!I'm late for work, and you need to hurry.Faster breakfast, get dressed and go! »

well founded fears of parents.Children almost from the cradle accustomed to the crazy rhythm of life and the constant rush.Home and family are often a source of stress for the child How to beat stress?Create an oasis How to beat stress? , he can feel throughout life.Since the source of the problem is a home and family, its solution must be sought in them the same.The behavior of the parents, their relationship to each other and to the child largely determine his future life, his values ​​and priorities.

Modern parents are forced to work long hours, they are constantly busy and pay little attention to children.We do not encourage quit work or stop doing household chores, leaving the mountain of dirty dishes or dirty clothes.We just want to remind you how important it is to find time to socialize and relax with the family.

Do not do everything in a hurry, on adrenaline.In everyday life we ​​too often spend the nerves, effort and energy on things that do not require it.In addition, in the excited state is simply dangerous to drive a car, and then relax uneasy.

Some emotions Emotions and culture: how to decipher the emotional code Emotions and culture: how to decipher the emotional code stimulate adrenaline anger, resentment, anger, resentment.Do not bring home with irritation and anger - the children very sharply react to them.

If you feel irritated at the thought of what awaits you at home cleaning or unwashed utensils, think about something else, and set up home affairs until calms down.Returning home, hug a child, ask how his day, play with him in the "Monopoly", look TV together - in other words, pay attention to him.Believe me, the baby will be very happy with this change in your behavior, and it is sure to affect his emotional health.