The development of the brain in children - the main periods

baby human brain begins to form even during fetal development, but has been particularly active this happens in the first year of life.On how well this process runs it depends on how solid is a person how well will form all the functions of his body.And so it went in the right direction, parents should make every effort to help the little man in the future become a full-fledged personality.

inside look

brain formation begins in the womb - in this period is the development of cells, the number of which at the time of birth is about 100 billion.Nerve cells in the brain at this time are not linked - they are separate, and the links between them are actively formed after birth.The largest number of connections is formed in the first three years of life.During the life of bonds can be broken.In order to be strong, you need to surround the birth of the baby care, love and care, which are essential for the full development of the individual.

laying the foundations

utero, infancy, childhood, adolescence - all this stage, when the brain continues to take shape, and each stage is held in a special way, requires certain conditions.

Experts say that the most important human rights are for a few months after birth, and if at that time not to comply with certain rules, in the future the child will have serious problems.

main periods of infancy

Usually distinguished two periods - with the sensitive and critical priority first.

In the first two months of life is important to him to have formed visual function.If sufficient visual impact on nerve cells are not made, they can not develop a proper degree, why the problem persists for a lifetime.

sensitive period lasts much longer: it starts at about six months and lasts about two years.At this time, the baby begins to recognize faces, respond to the friendly people he knew and strangers wary.During this period, the child strongly attached to his mother, who personifies for him the safety, which is why the mother is necessary on its part to show love and care to the baby feel secure.

Parents should know exactly what activities and at what age should begin to be guided in the development of the baby.Any delay must be alert, because the future is fraught with troubles for the mental and physical health.

first year of life

In the first two months of life for your baby to sleep for a long time and show no apparent activity.Two months later, the baby starts to smile a lot, and even to laugh, trying to turn his head, and in the next couple of months trying to roll over.In four months, the child is already pretty confident turns and tries to grab everything that is in the immediate vicinity.At nine months, he sits with support, crawling and walking, holding hands.And the first year of the baby is already quite confident walk and even run.

Of course, in the first year of child care is not limited to things such as diapering and feeding.Parents should as much as possible to participate more actively in the life of his child.Taking care of the baby from the mother, of course, must begin during pregnancy.During this period it is necessary to adhere to nutrition, rich in protein.Particular attention should be paid to the content of the menu omega-3, because it is important for the growth of brain cells and the formation of connections between them.

After giving birth, it is necessary to remember the importance of breast-feeding, because breast milk provides nutrition and protect the baby from infections forming his immune system immune system - how it works? The immune system - how it works? , and positively influencing the development of the brain active.

And, of course, we must not forget that the baby needs a lot of attention, the manifestations of love and care, which can never have too much.

Parents need to maintain visual contact with your child, play games, sing, read, engage in physical development.It is necessary to take care of appropriate toy safety, it is desirable to develop the functions and always pleasant to the touch.An important place is given to mimic the games that involve vocal games, the baby was able to simulate the emotions by matching facial expressions and voice response.Be sure to read the child did not understand the purpose of their material, and to improve listening skills, recognition voice tone fluctuations, emotions Emotions and culture: how to decipher the emotional code Emotions and culture: how to decipher the emotional code .To stimulate the visual function is to train, showing the child a different color, it is possible to do both at home and on the walk.

During this period, you can not leave a baby - it is necessary to have it in wakefulness felt in society.Only then the baby can develop fully all the skills for the further successful communication.But society must bear it for him only useful positive emotions.In the presence of the baby is necessary to communicate a soft tone, not too loud, to eliminate all the annoying noises.Parents must submit their behavior positive example for a child who feels very keenly everything that happens around and like a sponge soaks up as positive emotions and negative.

When the child grows up in an atmosphere of love, warmth and well-being, he paid much attention to taking it as a full-fledged member of society to its needs, its development goes according to plan, and in the future, the baby will not have problems with adaptation in society, and his mentaland physical capacity reached a good level.