Antiviral drugs for children - what to look for in a drugstore?

antiviral drugs for children Antivirals for children - it's mostly products that contain interferon or stimulate its formation in the cells of the body.Unfortunately, viral infections today are difficult to treat with antiviral drugs, and some drugs have side effects.


Antivirals for children: a list of

ever-growing incidence of various viral infections forcing manufacturers to produce more and more new drugs, including those for children.These drugs are not so small, but as it turned out, they are still not sufficiently effective in combating viral infections.

All antiviral drugs can be divided into the following groups:

  • drugs, which include interferon (a protein with antiviral properties, which is isolated virus-infected cells in the body) - the human or cooked using bioengineering technologies;this group of drugs are Viferon, Grippferon, Reaferon EU Infagel;
  • drugs that stimulate the production of its own (endogenous) interferon cells of the body;Arbidol is children, TSikloferon, Ridostin, Kagocel;
  • antiviral drugs with different mechanism of action - oxolinic ointment, oseltamivir (Tamiflu), Izoprinazin;
  • homeopathic antiviral agents - Anaferon, Aflubin, Ergoferon, Engystol, Influcid, Oscillococcinum.


Antiviral drugs, which include interferon

This group of drugs are often prescribed for children, especially Viferon and Grippferon.The composition of this group of drugs used in pediatric patients include interferon alfa - 2b.Interferon alfa-2b, recombinant human possesses immunomodulatory, anti-viral, anti-proliferative (suppresses the rapid division of cells to form tumors) properties.Interferon Immunomodulatory properties determine not only its anti-viral, and antibacterial effect.In this group of drugs have side effects, so they may appoint a doctor.

Viferon issued in the form of rectal suppositories with different doses of interferon, as well as an ointment and gel for local and external use (put into the nasal cavity, andalso applied to the skin).It is widely used in the treatment of SARS, influenza, viral hepatitis and bacterial infections.Suitable for children of all ages.

Grippferon issued in the form of drops and nasal spray and is used for the treatment of acute respiratory viral infections.Suitable for children of all ages.

Reaferon EU - is available as a lyophilisate for suspension for oral administration.It is used to treat acute and chronic hepatitis and for the treatment and prevention of influenza and acute respiratory viral infections in children after three years.

Infagel is available as a gel and ointment for the treatment of viral rashes on the skin and mucous membranes.Children Infagel usually applied chickenpox Chickenpox: painful, but not dangerous Chickenpox: painful, but not dangerous .


Antiviral drugs that stimulate the production of endogenous interferon

most popular drug in this group - Arbidol children.The drug is available in tablets for oral administration, has antiviral (including protivogrippoznoe - specifically inhibits influenza A and B), and immunomodulatory effects.It stimulates the production of endogenous interferon prevents contact and penetration of viruses into cells by inhibiting fusion of viral lipid membrane with cellular membranes, stimulates the humoral and cellular immunity Immunity - the types and characteristics of children in adult Immunity - types and characteristics in children in adults , increases the body's resistance to viral infections,It reduces the risk of complications.Suitable for children after two years.

similar effect Kagocel, which is available in tablets for oral administration.But this drug is approved for children from the age of six.

TSikloferon (four years old) and Ridostin (seven years) are the drugs of a broad spectrum of action, but they have side effects.They are used not only for the treatment of SARS and influenza, but also for the treatment of chronic viral infections - hepatitis, herpes Herpes - a virus creeping Herpes - a virus creeping and so on.


Antiviral drugs with different mechanism of action

Isoprinosine - antiviral drug with immune stimulating action.It has a wide spectrum of action, is used to treat SARS, influenza, herpes infections (including chickenpox and mononucleosis), measles Measles in children - may cause serious complications Measles in children - may cause serious complications .Available in tablets, children assigned to three years.

oseltamivir (Tamiflu).Antiviral drug mechanism of action of enzymes associated with the suppression of penetration enhancers influenza viruses A and B into cells.Indications for use of influenza is caused by influenza virus identified by A and B. It is produced in the form of powder for oral suspension, Tamiflu is prescribed to children from one year.

Both drugs in this group have side effects, so your doctor should be appointed.


Homeopathic antiviral drugs for children

homeopathic antiviral drugs prescribed to children:

  • Anaferon children - tablets for oral use - children from one month;
  • Aflubin - homeopathic drops - the children of any age;
  • Ergoferon - lozenge - Children six months;
  • Engistol sublingual tablets - three years;
  • Influcid - lozenge - since three years);
  • Oscillococcinum - homeopathic granules for oral use - of any age.

good antiviral drugs for children are selected by the doctor individually, depending on the nature of the disease and the age of the child.

Galina Romanenko