Removal of papillomas celandine - a longtime national method

removing warts celandine Removing warts celandine as a treatment in folk medicine has long existed.Distributed it today, despite the fact that experts do not welcome such a method of treatment.So whether you can manually delete papilloma celandine, or should still go to the doctor?


What papilloma

Papilloma - a benign tumor caused by human papillomavirus (HPV).HPV is widespread in nature, and most of the world's adult population has it in his blood.But papilloma appear not all.Most often, the virus takes a "wait and see": waiting decrease the body's defenses (immune system), and can not prevent its reproduction.The presence of a large number of skin HPV promotes rapid division of cells to form its peculiar growths - papillomas.

most common papilloma have a thin stem, connecting the skin tumor, but there are papilloma and without legs.Papilloma is easily confused with other formations of the skin, primarily cancer.In addition, the true and the papilloma may degenerate into a malignant tumor.Surgeons after removing papillomas give them for histological examination to detect degenerative (atypical) cancer cells Malignant tumor: cells are mad Malignant tumor: cells are mad .


What Constitutes celandine

What is contained in celandine if its sap can cause necrosis of tumor cells?Celandine is considered a poisonous plant.Active ingredient of this plant are highly toxic alkaloid:

  • chelidonine - causes depression and paralysis of the nervous system;
  • gemohelidonin - acts as a convulsive poison;
  • sanguinarine - has a narcotic effect;
  • protopin - toning smooth muscles of blood vessels, lowers the threshold of excitability of the autonomic nervous system.

In addition, the composition of celandine includes essential oils and organic acids that enhance the toxic effect of alkaloid.Soften the effect of celandine vitamins (vitamin C and carotene) and flavonoids.


How to treat papillomavirus celandine

Traditional medicine offers lubricate papillomavirus celandine juice twice a day until the swelling does not disappear.Some healers recommend bandage thin legs papilloma thread to stop the supply of the tumor.This leads to necrosis and collapse.

Such treatment may be complicated by papilloma burn surrounding healthy tissue, joining infection with the subsequent formation of rough scars, after the removal of the growth of papillomas to large sizes due to incomplete removal of the tumor malignancy - a chemical burn can stimulate the regeneration of a benign tumor benign tumor - is not alwayssafe A benign tumor - is not always safe malignant.

pharmaceutical products on the basis of celandine - Superchistotelo and Mountain celandine Celandine - means-tested over the centuries Celandine - a means-tested over the centuries also cause all of these complications.


So how do you need to remove the papilloma?

Very small, dot papilloma celandine can be removed, but the doctor has to do it, confident in the correctness of his diagnosis.Still, he risks backfire after such treatment.

most modern way to remove warts is the removal using radionozha (for example, using the apparatus Surgitron).Papilloma removed completely, do not bleed (small blood vessels are sealed), not to complicate the accession of infection (infection pathogens of all kinds of radio waves also destroyed).This way you can remove the papilloma and be sure that at this point it does not grow back.Small papilloma removed with one touch radionozha.

effective removal of papillomas and using a laser.

But none of the methods for removing warts does not guarantee that in the future these tumors appear in other areas of the skin.


What you need to do in order to prevent the appearance of papillomas

HPV, getting into the body, stays there forever.The current level of medical science still can not completely remove the HPV from the human body.However, we know how to prevent the emergence of new papillomas - only by strengthening immunity Immunity - help the immune system Strengthening the immune system - help the immune system .People who have found multiple papilloma recommend a healthy lifestyle, eat right, get rid of bad habits, exercise, identify and treat all of the hidden disease.

strengthen defenses can be through a variety of medications, including herbal: decoction of licorice root, ginseng tincture, devil, radiograms pink and so on.

Removing warts celandine - a dangerous and unpredictable form of treatment.Especially dangerous to carry out cauterization of warts celandine independently without a doctor's prescription.Dealing with the consequences of such treatment can be time-consuming and not always successful.

Galina Romanenko