Psychosexual development of children between the ages of five to eight years: the right accents

psychosexual development of children ages five to eight years Many people avoid talking about sexual abuse of children, despite the fact that it can happen to any child.Unfortunately, the sexual abuse of children - a terrible reality.According to statistics, every fourth girl and every seventh boy are sexually exploited before 18 years.It is believed that the latent sexuality of children susceptible to exploitation by the media, which abound sexually explicit material.Therefore it is very important to prevent sexual violence and to help the child to perceive the world, if it actually happened.

Objectives: to help your child to appreciate your body.

prepare the child to develop his sexuality without interfering with it and thus without causing concern.Parents must learn to control anxiety for the welfare of their children, no matter how much they love them.The concern of parents, in turn, causes anxiety in children.

«Zone of the iceberg»:

  • physical body - is not only a repository of physical organs that are important for health, but also a refuge for the soul and spirit.
  • Parents should focus on their children's personality, values, passions and prejudices and to focus on a correct and healthy thinking their child.

What is the norm:

  • self-stimulation, but not often.
  • curiosity and questions about sexuality Nine ways to experience their sexuality Nine ways to experience their sexuality .
  • Questions about pregnancy and procreation.
  • RPG.
  • Masturbation at home or in public places.In most cases, masturbation is not a serious problem.Parents should in a gentle manner to prohibit the child to masturbate in front of others, just to focus on the best abilities, the development and changes, the thoughts of the child, to help him escape.

main objectives of the development phase of the child

  • ensure the child's understanding of the functioning of the reproductive system of human
  • explain how to relate to the opposite sex
  • explain how to relate to persons of the same sex
  • teach the child to control their behavior, including reactions and responses.The child needs to learn self-control, which, in turn, generates an adequate self-esteem and provides less interference from the parents.
  • demarcate related to the personal life of the child.
  • Teach children to express their thoughts and emotions Emotions and culture: how to decipher the emotional code Emotions and culture: how to decipher the emotional code .
  • explain how to communicate with their peers, including those with the opposite sex.

How to cultivate a healthy sexuality and morality in this age

control the access of the child to the media.Be prepared to impose limitations in accordance with the level of development of the child.Browse his favorite television programs, videos and music.Choosing the right moment, explain how a certain song or TV program support, or vice versa contrary to the system of values ​​that exist in your family.Limitations associated with the media, require more attention, as parents have the right to determine the child's developmental level.Experts advise parents to view programs, video and print media together with their children and discuss how they impact on family values.

is also necessary to conduct interviews with children about pornography.Children need to understand that any image, whether it be photography, video or images on the Internet that offer the human body;or any text and cartoon, which put human body or sexual conduct in a bad form, is pornography.Children should also explain that alcohol, drugs and cigarettes are addictive, and then from them is very difficult to refuse.

Parents should monitor the child's relationships with other children - those relations should be age-appropriate.

recommended to discuss slang and offensive words that correspond to the name of the body and sexuality.It is important to specify the child at the appropriate words for certain parts of the body.

very important to ensure the child's physical, emotional and spiritual support.Love of parents promote healthy sexual development of children.

Parents are encouraged to talk with their children about their development, tasks and important events in their lives.

What should I avoid

  • ridicule men, women, sexuality, and other parts of the body.
  • Do not underestimate the child's feelings to other people, especially those with whom he is experiencing discomfort or to whom he dislikes.For example, for older children or adults.
  • Recklessly think that children from the first to understand and remember the meaning of the terms and concepts.Sometimes, new information must be secured by resorting to the help of repetition or other way to explain terms that the child does not know.
  • important to try not to show irritation at the large number of questions on the subject, which may cause embarrassment parents.
  • no need to allow children to visit the home or other places where the materials are easily accessible on sexual themes (the library, at home, where there is access to the Internet, and so on) without supervision.

What to do if you are concerned about the development of the child

Parents should call the children to open and unobtrusive talk about the security of their life experiences and their impressions of the modern culture and so on.Children need to be completely honest with your parents.Parents are encouraged to share their thoughts and experiences, and ask children questions, such as "What do you think?Your thoughts are important to me! "During the conversation.

Experts recommend that parents take an interest in experiences, thoughts and feelings of children.Questions should be specific, but at the same time, those that can be interpreted in different ways (ie questions that can not be answered simply "yes" or "no").

discuss various conflicts that occur in children with their peers.