Traveling with a child: a test of strength

Traveling with a child: a test of strength no secret that many holidaymakers are taking a trip with him to the children.With boys and girls of school age special problems usually arise: they are independent enough to have the necessary understanding of the rules of behavior on the road, and, by and large, are able to maintain themselves in everyday terms.Traveling with a child of preschool age - a kind of art: you have to arrange it so that the pleasure of kids and not to spoil the holiday itself.

very young children who have not yet turned two years old, doctors strongly advised not far from the house to take away, even if the journey is not associated with a radical change of climatic zones.A child in any case have to move acclimatization, and his body may not be ready for this severe test.Colds, gastrointestinal disorders, goiter Dysbacteriosis - what brings self Dysbacteriosis - what brings self , viral infections - this is not a complete list of surprises, trapping you when traveling with a child under the age of two to three years.Although trains and planes can be seen a lot of passengers with small children, this does not mean that they are an example worthy of emulation.As long as the kid is not grown and become stronger, it is better not to expose his health such risks.And if the child has turned at least three years, you can take a trip and his company.

How to choose the appropriate mode of transport?

The first step is to determine the choice of transport, which would have to move from one city to another.The ideal option would be to travel by plane - it takes relatively little time, and the conditions in the salons of air transport is much more comfortable than the train or in the long-distance bus.However, some children are afraid of heights and start crying when the plane rises into the air.Therefore, it makes sense to advance psychologically prepare the child for the flight: for example, to tell him how great climb high into the sky, as it is interesting, and what amazing adventures await him.

go by train, of course, more profitable from an economic point of view: on children under five years of age, there is no need to buy separate tickets.It is assumed that when traveling by train a child could share the bed with accompanying adult.But on the narrow bunk in the car alone it is unlikely you will be comfortable, even if the baby is used to sleep at night.You can not save on children's tickets and take care of a separate place for the child in the car, but then it must necessarily be lower shelf.

Many parents believe that it is safer and more convenient to just go with the child to travel in his own car.However, this option also has its pluses and minuses.Modern safety regulations require that during a trip in the car baby sitting in a special chair, was tightly strapped.But not all children enjoy this prospect: they can not be carried out in a sitting position for several hours without a break.Therefore, about every hour and a half drive to do a stop lasting from fifteen to thirty minutes, so that the child at this time could get out, breathe the air, to warm up, go to the toilet.

What are the things you need to bring?

If you go on a journey child, collect baggage on the principle of "take only what you need" will not succeed.We need to grab a sufficient amount of clothing and linen for the baby, do not forget any of comfortable pajamas to sleep Dreams: how to understand our dreams Dreams: how to understand our dreams , or of woolen sweater or windbreaker in case of insulated cooling.Yes, and one pair of shoes in any case be limited.

Of the products preference should be given to those who are able to relatively long shelf without refrigeration: dry liver, solid fresh fruit like apples, juices, yogurt and milk in packages such as "Tetra Pak", porridges made from natural herbs noodles.Do not interfere, and vegetables, fruit and meat canned in jars included in the traditional menu of infants: after a meal can be fed and grown-up children.

order for the child during the trip is not bored, you can take with his favorite toys (such as a doll, bear or typewriter), a couple of fascinating books, comic books, album for drawing, coloring, and a set of markers, puzzles or small and comfortable Designer.

Another mandatory item - road kit.It will include bandages, iodine or brilliant green, cotton buds and cotton wool in fact, activated carbon Activated carbon - old but indispensable Activated carbon - old but indispensable , preservatives, antipyretics and analgesics, as well as drugs for allergies and insect bites.It is best to consult with before the trip pediatrician.He will give the necessary recommendations on the formation of individual first aid kit for your child.

Svetlana Usankova