Four common mistakes moms and how to fix them

  • Four common mistakes moms and how to fix them
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common mistakes moms not give the oncoming baby to sleep during the day to quickly put it in the evening.Do not intervene when a child picks up toys from other children.Yield of irritation when a child is tired and cranky.This mistake that many inexperienced mothers.Fortunately, to raise a child a better person, not necessarily be a perfect mother.

«Ball", "go", "no", "cocoa".These are the words that are most often heard from the kid who makes the first steps, and only mastered in the world.In dvadtsatimesyachnogo Austin have another favorite word he learned to pronounce almost unerringly, and this word - "candy."Not only that, he became addicted to sweets - he knows how to get them.His mother came in a sticky situation - it gave Austin and his three-year sister Avery candy every time they had to wear, shoes and calm the word, get something done.This technique of "persuasion" gives quick results, but after a while you run into a problem - the child will flatly refuse to do anything without proper encouragement.Any mom knows that you can not do, but when an hour can not calm the child, in the course are all means.

As a consequence, women often do not think we coped with his "work" and considers himself a bad mother.She shares her problems with her friends, which gives temporary relief and helps to draw conclusions for the future.But even frank conversations with girlfriends on "how difficult being a mom" is not able to remove the unpleasant aftertaste of failure.Home -use specific problematic situations to find out what will help you change for the better, so advised by psychologists.


I do not let my daughter sleep during the day - under any circumstances

attempts to put the baby to bed after dinner, Natasha turned into a real war.Over the years, her mother struggled long and hard to teach her to sleep and calm afternoon Natasha at least an hour.But the little girl did not give up without a fight, she was crying, screaming, suchila legs and even once fidgeted so strongly that overturned cradle.Then one day my mother Natasha discovered that if the girl does not sleep during the day, it is easier to put in the evening.However, after dinner, when Natasha started to act up, she had a hard time.If the girl began to fall asleep, she immediately woke her tickling or loud music, even though she knew that Natasha would not hurt to get some sleep to recuperate.But as a result of manipulation by the evening Natasha was emptied from exhaustion, and seven in the evening obediently went to sleep, after which her mother could finally do their own thing: read, browse email, communicate in social networks, and watch your favorite TV series.

Do not blame yourself: Children over three years old do not need a dream day, experts say.Furthermore, some children under three years also can dispense with naps if, after they are difficult to put it in the evening.Children under six years of age must go to bed no later than half past eight in the evening.So if you have an active toddler, put him to sleep during the day it is not necessary.

How to fix the situation: when a child comes out of the so-called "sleeping area", get it for classes that do not require a lot of energy, such as painting or drawing table games (you can also read it out loud).At this time, the baby's body is resting and his mind works.If the baby falls asleep in the stroller or car during the day, there is nothing wrong with that gently wake him up.And what to do in the event that the baby does not get the required 11-13 hours of sleep Dreams: how to understand our dreams Dreams: how to understand our dreams per day (according to statistics, children are "underserved" an average of three to four hours of sleep a night, sohow to sleep less than nine hours)?Experts recommend to put him ahead of time, for example, eight, and seven o'clock in the evening to make up for "shortage."


I sent a sick child to school

Rather than wait for the full recovery of the child, Natasha's mother sent the girl to school, where she was soon summoned from the fact that Natasha fell ill in the classroom (the temperature of a child approachingto 38 degrees).A woman in a panic rushed to the pediatrician, who scolded her for negligence - it turns out, the child must stay in bed (or, at least, at home) during the day, after sleeping temperature and the disease has receded.

Do not blame yourself, let's face it, most small children are ill very often.And sometimes it's hard to see a child ill, or just upset about something.If you do not let the child to school every time he sniffling, he did not come home.Just try to do everything in your power.

How to rectify the situation if your child has a high fever, vomiting, or other symptoms suggestive of viral infection, such as strep throat, he should stay at home.If, after taking antibiotics Antibiotics - whether they will help you in the foreseeable future? Antibiotics - whether they will help you in the foreseeable future? for 24 hours, the child has become better, and dangerous symptoms have disappeared, perhaps should no longer miss classes (if your child feels fine).Even if some of the symptoms are still present, the child is unlikely to infect their classmates.

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