The crisis of two years: Mom, I want to!

crisis two years your wonderful, so sweet and docile baby suddenly at the age of two to three years, completely changes its character.He yells, throws toys, stomping feet and falls to the floor.But most importantly - it is absolutely all proposals and requests corresponds to the word "no."For many parents, it becomes an ordeal.

Why a crisis two years of age

This is because the child begins to feel like a separate person in the environment and trying to identify what he can do, and what not.He smashes the cup (purpose), or running away from my mother in the street to see what happens as the surrounding react to his behavior.

Such actions can then permanently form the character of the child.Everything will depend on how others will react to these actions.If the child will understand that he freely can, for example, spilling his soup all over the kitchen (my mother in the first act that it did not respond), then in the future it will be impossible to convince this.

Signs of crisis and two years of age

crisis two years of age takes place under the flag of "I myself", "I have a great" and "No, to me or offered."The child becomes totally unmanageable, he always screams, scandals, refuses to eat (even when hungry), refuses to get dressed for a walk (even though he knows that the street wondering where his friends are waiting).With the slightest neglect its interests on the part of adults, he begins to scream, stomp their feet, crying and even fall to the floor.

If time does not stop the process, then it goes into hysteria when a child does not see or hear anything around.Especially hard it carries persuasion from this hysteria is becoming more protracted.But if you do not pay attention to the child quickly calms down.But he needs to see that you are busy and you just not up to it.

At this age a child is trying to do everything yourself, but as it turns out not always, it is often with the "covers" hysterical.And there is already a lot depends on the tact and calm adult.You can distract the child, instructing him to some important assignments or just give it to yourself - all individually and depends on the nature of the child.

Answering "no" to any proposal adult, the child tries to defend its autonomy and independence.This is the age when a person begins to realize that he is separate, not connected with their parents.To establish itself in this opinion, he repeats the word "no."

How to overcome the crisis two years

This time heavy, for parents and for the child.The ideal would be to try to understand the child and not to hinder its development.

What about the tantrums?

The best prevention of hysteria is a clear definition of the boundaries of what is permitted.Prohibitions should not be too much, but they must be scrupulously observed.A child like this certainty: the border create a sense of security.

But if even once he will be allowed something ill before all the hysteria immediately resume: with their help, the child will "knock out" of their poor parents everything that he needs.But he will suffer himself, because beyond the limits extended to uncertainty, and therefore, the world is not so safe.

What to do at the moment of hysteria? for each child can be affected in different ways.For example, if the hysteria has not gone away - draw something interesting (it is desirable that this was a task that increases his self-esteem from the category of "I myself"), or just go to another room and do some business, not paying childno attention.

hysteria - it's always a public act, it requires the viewer without the viewer instantly wither and decay.Therefore, if you do not pay attention to the child, he quickly calmed down and then will something more interesting.

What about the word "No"?

gradually and patiently guide the child in a certain frame, trying not to break his identity.After all, if it is now to break the desire for independence, he can for the rest of the life of this independence is not exercised, and that's bad.

adult must therefore show the wonders of skill, peace and goodwill, without breaking the already established framework of what is permitted.But sometimes you have to accept the child's reluctance to do something - it will give its actions and deeds certain degree of independence, self-esteem.

beyond what is permitted can not go under any circumstances when it comes to life and health of the child, for example, can only cross the street with her mother by the hand, can not be ironed strangers on the street dogs and cats running around the pools of water.

For most parents the baby - is the most important value in life.But for his own good he should not be allowed to become a tyrant home.

Galina Romanenko