Baby massage - no need to apply a force

baby massage experts on child health say that every child, regardless of age, require regular massage.Interestingly, baby massage has long practiced in many Eastern and African nations.Nowadays, in many tribes children of all ages, including - a newborn, do massage, sometimes with the use of oils and herbal tinctures.In Western countries, the rhythm of life of many people is that they have to forget about what people remember, which is called primitive - touch reinforce the connection between children and parents, providing kids a sense of security and confidence in the senior.The main function of baby massage (if it is not healing) - the creation and strengthening of psychological connection with the child.

Touch - this is the first sense that develops in humans.Touch is very important for the health - both physical and psychological.It is known that infants who suffer from a lack of physical contact, less developed and even die (the latter can not be attributed only to a shortage of physical contact, but it is very likely - one of the co-factors).Children who get enough physical affection from their parents or guardians, in adult life are likely to be have healthy self-esteem and the ability to create and maintain strong, deep interpersonal relationships based on trust and respect.

Baby massage for health and anti-stress

Baby massage is a wonderful way to relieve stress.Many adults are mistaken in the belief that stress can only be theirs.In fact, a person is exposed to stress from birth.There is a direct link between stress How to beat stress?Create an oasis How to beat stress? and the immune system.If the level of the stress hormone regularly increased, it gradually destroys the cells of the immune system, due to which the body is worse to cope with various diseases.Massage baby raises mood, give him to feel that he is not alone and cared for - it reduces the level of cortisol (stress hormone).

Small children can resist a little during the first massage - this type of touch because it is unfamiliar.But then they tend to relax, calm down and often fall asleep during the massage directly.

Delicate Touch Massage

infants need to do careful stroking movements.When a child learns to walk, start to do it foot massage Foot massage: relaxation and health improvement Foot massage: relaxation and health improvement , feet.You can make massage, lightly tap on the back and foot edge of his hand.If you are not sure what to do massage properly, consult your doctor.Baby massage session Baby massage - what its good for the baby Baby massage - what its good for your baby should not last more than fifteen or twenty minutes, otherwise the child may begin to feel uncomfortable.

Baby massage, if you do it with the first months of life, stimulates the nervous system and brain, and the memory of this positive experience ever recorded in the cells of the body.This is not fantasy - a man not so far been studied in detail, as it may seem, but it is known that humans are the memories of that age, he can not remember being in a normal state of consciousness.However, these memories have a tremendous impact on his future life.

Baby massage also improves blood circulation, stimulates digestion and is very useful for children with colic.As the child grows, massage stimulates the growth of muscle tissue, improves the coordination of movements.Children who are regularly massaged, often have better intellectual ability, greater stress tolerance.

Many doctors believe that the infant massage to be a natural part of child care, such as bathing.The specialist should be massaged child only when indicated to do so.A simple and very useful massages can parents do - and the benefits that it will bring, will be manifested in many ways throughout their lives.

Rules massage

  • Massage can not be carried out on an empty stomach and after eating.The best time - forty minutes after a meal.Another time, again from my own practice massage is usually very invigorating child.Two hours after the session grudnichok will want attention, communication, and perhaps a little pampered.Therefore, massage is best done in the morning.
  • Massage can not be done if the child is in a bad mood or not feeling well.First you need to find the cause of the vagaries, and then think about massage.
  • undesirable to use aromatic oils Essential Oils - whether they will help in a difficult moment? Essential Oils - whether they will help in a difficult moment? , completely different to anything superkremy cosmetic cream.By and large, the best refined sunflower oil cold-pressed, you can use grape seed oil.After the session, the child's body, it is desirable to get wet cloth.Use of powder is not necessary.
  • Length should not exceed seven to ten minutes.Naturally, the movement should be light, soft, without causing discomfort.Massage should be like a child, only then it will bring him good.Always carefully follow the condition and mood of the child during the massage: No grudnichka on the planet who will silently endure discomfort.Fidgeting, whimpering, "abusive" weeping - a signal to parents that it is necessary to review the conduct of sessions.If a child smiles, waves his hands, coo - and goes without saying that he was happy with everything, and he is glad to communicate with parents