Stevia: Contraindications and use

Stevia contraindications Everyone knows that sugar is very high in calories and can not be used not only to patients with diabetes, but also the fact that cares about health, so more and more supporters of a healthy lifestyle are looking for a replacement.Such replacement may be stevia, which are minor contraindications and benefits - is enormous.


About Stevia

now fashionable sweetener - Stevia - a shrub or herbaceous plant native to Paraguay.There are about eighty species of plants, of which a remedy is only two.Stevia, medicinal properties and contraindications which is constantly being studied by scientists, is also called honey grass.Once upon a time people have noticed that this plant has a sweet taste, and began to use stevia as a sweetener Sweeteners: the benefits and harms of artificial sweeteners Sweeteners: the benefits and harms of artificial sweeteners .Today, this natural and healthy sugar substitute harmful came into vogue.

Funds, which include stevia Stevia: the secrets of the use of Indian grass Stevia: the secrets of the use of Indian grass , are indispensable in the treatment of dermatitis, gastritis, bronchitis.Stevia is also accelerates metabolism, so it is popular use for treating diseases associated with metabolism obesity, pancreatitis, and diabetes.The undoubted benefits of this plant are observed in the treatment of arthritis and osteoporosis.

Honey herb - an integral part of the menu if you want to detoxify and cleanse the body of heavy metals, removes radionuclides, leads to normal blood cholesterol levels.Popular Supplements to the content of stevia used for weight loss and weight loss.In short, this is a very useful plant, although, of course, its use is not shown everything.

Stevia - one of the few funds that had been approved by the official medicine.Use stevia recommended as eminent doctors and traditional healers.

Stevia - a real storehouse of vitamins and minerals.It improves the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract, thyroid, prostate and pancreas Diabetes and pancreas - the things you need to know Diabetes and pancreas - the things you need to know , used in the treatment of liver.It is an excellent anti-microbial and anti-bacterial agent that enhances immunity and resistance to infectious diseases, and at the same time stabilizes the pressure (at the competent dosage).


Stevia: the use and contraindications

The packaging of dried herbs stevia necessarily indicate ways to use this plant.One can prepare herbal infusion of stevia, and then adding it to the tea, in the dishes, as a seasoning or sweetener.Add the honey and grass in coffee, but the taste is very unusual, so stevia in coffee - the amateur.

infusion difficult.It is necessary to fill 200 g of boiling water 20 grams of herbs, bring to a boil, boil for five to six minutes.Herbal infusion should infuse for about ten or fifteen minutes, and then you need to pour it into a thermos.In a thermos insist recommended grass for 8-10 hours.Then strain the broth.This infusion is stored in the refrigerator.Shelf life - up to five days.

Stevia is sold without a prescription and is easy to cook, so for those who like the taste (or who heard about the beneficial properties of honey herb), may be tempted to have stevia as often as possible.But there is stevia and contraindications.

example, stevia intake can cause low blood pressure.If use stevia large chunks, then the pressure, however, can be significantly increased.For this reason it is best to consult with respect to the reception circuit stevia your doctor and not to experiment on their own.

It should also take into account the individual characteristics of the body - known cases of intolerance of this plant.Rarely, increased frequency of heart rate during use of stevia, and large doses, on the contrary, slow the heartbeat.

not do without consulting doctors and diabetics.Although stevia is often recommended for those who suffer from the disease, according to some, the leaves of bushes inherent hypoglycemic properties.Therefore, while taking necessary to control blood sugar levels blood sugar - one of the main indicators of human health Blood sugar - one of the main indicators of human health .

substance originally isolated from stevia - steviziody - considered carcinogenic.Later, however, it was carried out new research, and accusations of carcinogenicity was removed from the plant.Today, some doctors say that, on the contrary, stevia is useful for prevention of cancer.This feature of the plant, however, have not been verified experimentally.


Stevia in cosmetology

widespread use of stevia in cosmetology.This herb slows down the aging process.It has a whole list of properties that do not allow bacteria to multiply, causing skin inflammation, irritation and acne.Masks with stevia makes the skin supple, velvety and elastic.

stevioside stevia shrub protect teeth from caries, as well as help maintain healthy gums.Currently, stevia is a part of the set of biologically active supplements and skin care products.



stevia Stevia can be found in pharmacies and in the departments of sales of dietary supplements in pill form, greenish powder from the leaves of stevia, as well as an extract - white powder or liquid.Stevia leaves for infusion should be green.Brown or gray shade - an indicator of poor quality plants.

Use stevia to be rational.You should not abuse the honey grass, but in small quantities stevia will be an excellent substitute for sugar, useful and low-calorie.Since the extract of this plant is sweeter than sugar 20-30 times, it will be enough small amount of sweeteners based on honey herb that gives the dish a sweet taste.At the same time, be aware that the sensation of sweetness by using stevia does not occur immediately.And if you exceed the amount of sweetener, the dish acquires a characteristic bitter flavor.