Colic in infants - the medicine is powerless

  • Colic in infants - the medicine is powerless
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colic in infants Kid becomes moody and nervous surrounding mention that it may be colic.Did you find it difficult to determine whether the periods of mourning for the normal newborn, or is it some kind of disease.Before you try to use any methods of treatment should first find out what the signs and symptoms of colic.Once you know what the problem is, it will be easier to cope with it.

definition of colic in infants

Firstly, it is important to understand that if the child is restless or irritable, the reason for this is not necessarily the colic.

colic - a condition of a child who regularly cries inconsolably for a long time, despite the fact that he has no other health problems, and he normally eats.

«rule of three»:

  • When diagnosing the following criteria:
  • Three hours of continuous crying
  • appear at the age of three weeks or sooner
  • Manifest at least three days a week for at least three weeks.Often repeated bouts of colic at about the same time of the day, usually in the late afternoon.
  • interrupted for approximately three months (although sometimes last up to six months)

There is a difference between a child crying and screaming baby with colic.The usual weeping and cries as if reporting needs of the child (to feed, change and so on).When colic baby cries hysterically, very loud and intense, and it is virtually impossible to soothe.

Figuring problems

should find out whether the child has any problems, for example, if he gets enough milk or baby food if he had any problems with digestion.Ask yourself the following questions.If a few of them you answered "no", consult your pediatrician.

  • I change a wet diaper is five to eight times a day
  • The child has normal stool
  • your child has long periods of calm
  • child eats well

Causes The exact cause of infant colic is unknown.Some believe that this is a consequence of underdevelopment of the digestive tract of the child, which continues to develop after birth.Others believe that colic may be associated with lactose intolerance, and still others believe that it is simply a manifestation of the individual characteristics.

also known that the higher the probability of colic in children whose mothers smoked during pregnancy, or exposed to passive smoking.


Unfortunately, there is no universal remedy for colic.Some parents say that any of the following tools to help fine.Maybe they can help you, too.

  • Baby massage
  • Power.It may be necessary to change the baby food or a nursing mother must make a change in the diet.
  • rocking the baby in her arms, in a wheelchair or in a sling wearing.
  • Feed your baby more often during the day.
  • simethicone drops to reduce flatulence and colic can facilitate.

For parents

If you can not stand the constant crying, just take a break.Rocking the baby, hugging her, then leave in the care of a person that you trust, and rest.

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