Selection of the first shoes for baby: top, top, stomping toddler

the first choice of shoes for your child child was a year old, and maybe not even filled, but he began to walk and the parents for the first time thinking about the purchase of the first shoe for him.In stores noted a wide variety of children's botinochek, sandals, pinetok, shoes and sandals.They are of different colors, different size and style, designed to be worn in different seasons.It is difficult to make the right choice, so it is best to study the matter in advance.

Features children's feet

foot baby making first steps, it is under development.Draws attention to itself with respect to its thickness and softness - this is due to a well-developed subcutaneous fat.Many of the bones of the foot are composed of cartilage, which generally results in not only soft, but also compliance, so a shoe depends largely on what will be the leg of the child in the future, which means that shoes affect his overall health.

Do not forget that in the sole of the foot are hotspots, natural massage that walking barefoot has great revitalizing effect on the whole body, so the child should wear shoes only when necessary and not for aesthetic perception of the environment.

When walking barefoot child's legs is normal cool - it should not scare parents and not a reason for putting on shoes.Shoes should protect the foot of the child from harmful contaminants and warm during the cold season - no more.

foot baby is growing very fast: for the year it could grow to two - three sizes, which requires sufficiently frequent change of footwear.Buy shoes for growth is impossible, as it is not fixed to the leg of the child, bodily injury and the formation of irregular shuffling gait, which prevents the motor activity of the child, impairing posture Posture - a few helpful tips for those who want to walk straight Posture - a few helpful tips for those who want to walk straight .

rules select the first shoe

  • Very good to visit a shoe store to go with the child to an orthopedist.It does not take a lot of time, but the doctor will tell exactly which shoes your child needs it.Remember: orthopedic footwear Orthopedic shoes - how to determine which is right for you? Orthopedic shoes - how to determine what is right for you? need a small number of children, but to buy children's shoes must always be in specialty stores, from trusted manufacturers.
  • need to buy shoes in the afternoon, because at this time the foot has its maximum dimensions.If the store you plan to go without a child, trace the contour of the leg and measure its size must also be in the evening.
  • Shoes should be made of natural, breathable materials, especially the insole and the inside.Preference should be given to natural leather.This is necessary because nedyshaschih baby shoes foot overheats, it causes relaxation of the muscles of the foot and misuse its formation, helps colds.
  • The first baby shoes should be closed top, heel height of about 0.5 centimeters, straight forward or slug imposed sock, insole completely flat without calculations or sets of wedges, absorbs moisture.
  • Necessities in heel insoles if not.Moreover, many orthopedists say instep harmful to healthy children, because it interferes with the formation of the natural arch of the foot, causing the muscles are always forced to be in the same position.
  • sole should be rigid, but flexible enough for rolling of the foot when walking.Flexibility of the sole can be checked on the bending test, whereby it must be bent in the shape of a uniform arc without special efforts.Sole thickness should be enough to quench and redistribution with a sharp blow on the foot support.
  • toe should have enough room for the toes and well protect them from injury, so the preference should be given to sufficiently rigid toe rounded shape.The distance from the edge of the nose to the toes of shoes should be about one and a half centimeters.
  • backdrop must be stable and rigid, well fixing the heel.Meanwhile Achilles tendon Achilles tendon - how it is vulnerable? Achilles tendon - how it is vulnerable? backdrop and the edge has to pass the tip of the little finger.Heel walking should not move relative to the backdrop.
  • The child legs may be of different sizes, in such a case, shoes should be selected for the most.
  • Clasp can be anything, but it should be comfortable and provide a secure fit of the foot from the offset.
  • Choosing the right pair of shoes, ask your child to be like them for about five minutes.If the shoes do not interfere with the child, he moves as usual - you can buy.
  • If some time after wearing the shoe you are celebrating the deformation of one or both shoes - consult a podiatrist.

Do not use the shoes that had worn a child.It can be worn only if the shoes are not retained the imprint of its former owner on the insole and is not deformed.

Svetlana Shimkovich