With a child abroad: remember the nuances

with a child abroad What is a holiday for adults, children can be very difficult to measure, so you should always take into account the child's age and interests.If you solve the problem with the child on a trip abroad, you need to think about a few moments.

Choosing to holiday

If the family is thinking about a trip with your child, then you need to plan for it, based on the fact that she was interested in him.Younger children enjoy a beach holiday that is well organized in Turkey, Egypt, Greece, Bulgaria, Spain and Italy.Very well, if it is possible at the hotel babysitting service, while parents can relax more fully.

Preschoolers also nice to relax by the sea, but you need to choose a hotel with organized children's area, where there are children's pool with slides, sandpit, swing.It is desirable that a children's animators who do not give a miss to children from 4 to 10 years, organizing for them all sorts of games and entertainment.

Children older than 10 years have can share hobbies and parents to have fun, not only from a beach holiday, but also visiting various excursions, or traveling by bus.With such children can safely go to Europe to see the sights particular country or even several countries during the bus trip.Thus it is necessary to see to it that during the trip necessarily alternated days with a rich program with periods of relaxation.

Legal aspects

travel abroad with your family is usually not accompanied by problems, the main thing was that for all documents, and the child -Registration of passports.If the child is traveling with one parent, many countries require the presence of legally certified authorization for the trip from the other parent, without which the journey will end at the border.If the child is traveling with other people, you will need a permit from both parents.Resolution notary prepares and certifies it.It usually operates on one trip, especially in Europe.

prepares documents for international travel is possible through the tour desk and yourself.Both options have their pros and cons, many people prefer to monitor the situation with a trip entirely and stop at the second option.Thus it is necessary to submit documents in advance to avoid unnecessary anxiety before the trip.

It is worth thinking about the safety of

Before going abroad, you need to think about how to collect the most complete first-aid kit, as there may not be the usual drugs and experimenting on new child - a risky business.So clearly, in the list, it is necessary to complement the first-aid kit, and let it remain intact better than something is not enough.For security concerns, and design a health insurance policy, which many try to save money.Saving three dollars, you can get a lot of trouble, so it's best to purchase a policy with good coverage of all medical costs if necessary, and go quietly.

necessary to be aware of the climatic conditions of the country and to take appropriate clothes in the extended range, in case the vagaries of nature.

If you plan a trip to an exotic country - Consider nutrition as children 6 - 8 years is not advisable to use an unfamiliar food for them - it is fraught with the emergence of intestinal disorders.In such countries, it is necessary to buy clean water in the shops, and it can result in significant financial losses, which are better to lay in advance.From exotic countries, people often come back infected with various parasites, so be sure to learn the rules of security in the country, which are going to visit and strictly follow them.For example, in some countries you can not walk on the beach barefoot, and he - of white sand - how to stay?Just remember that in the sand live parasites that penetrate into the bloodstream through the sole of the foot, and then a very long time treated at the Institute of Parasitology of return.

Choose carefully to rest, consider all the nuances and enjoy the trip.

Svetlana Shimkovich