How to educate an only child: 10 tips for parents

how to raise a single child Tips for Parents your happiness, your only joy.Your pride and consolation.Your baby, your little girl.Your only daughter.Good or bad, but it gets all your love, all the attention and all the time.Therefore, only children grow up quickly, trying to please others and at the same time they are natural leaders.Parents will be useful to some parenting advice they are not over the age of an adult, diligent, conscientious and generous only child.

Mini I, you - my continued

only child growing up very quickly, it becomes independent, while remaining very obedient and always ready to serve the stronger - that is you.But psychologists point out that the only child need the freedom to implement their own ideas and desires.Mom must understand that the six-year daughter to implement it unfulfilled dream of becoming an Olympic gymnast, and father should accept the fact that his son chooses a career lawyer, a doctor and is unlikely to receive a "Grammy" for best pop singer (it is unlikely he will earn millionsbuy the island for thirty years).Your only child - only a child, not your chance to take revenge on the world, so do not try to force your tastes and ideas about life.Let him develop his own interests, even if you do not approve of.Even if your son does not become the new Elvis, he might be Einstein.

Resist the temptation to intervene

only child in the family are often prone to perfectionism, and if you alter it for all the details in their own way (such as perestilat child bed or move stuff on his desk)you only encourage him maniacal pursuit of perfection.Psychologists recommend: do not try to "improve" your senior or sole (so far) of the child, correcting what he says or does.

overthrow the throne

child that grows alone, often set very critical - and occupied a little more than you need.This means that a single child is difficult to learn to share, to compromise or to spare the feelings of others.An only child is often attributed to others their own feelings, thoughts and motives that can give him a big problem in the future.It is the duty of parents - to show rigor and punish the child when necessary.He needs to know that some things can not be justified and must be punished.

Lower the bar for

your three year old son is going through due to the fact that did not get the lead role in the matinee in kindergarten?This so-called case of "disappointed perfectionist."According to psychologists, the only child in the family has set itself clear targets and sets very high requirements to themselves and to others.It is obvious that sooner or later the child will lose, he will perceive as a tragedy that can lead to frustration.Parents should teach their only child to treat failures as a normal stage of development, to take them as a lesson, and not as an end.

First, do not let the child cursed himself, pejoratively referred to himself: "I knew that this would happen to me!With me it always happens! ".With him carefully analyze the situation, to understand what went wrong.Let your child see you - not his "manager" to whom he should report, and one ready to support in a difficult situation.In the end, always win uninteresting.

Teach your child to stop

According to the observations psychologists, the only child in the family, as a rule, ambitious, energetic, interested in easy and ready to make sacrifices to achieve this goal.But these positive, in general, the quality can lead to your ten year old son, carried away playing the piano, made izvedet, days razuchivaya Tchaikovsky.The child needs to know that the goals are necessary, but this is not the main thing in life, and that you do not love him less if he does not become the winner of international music competitions.

Release the creative energy of the child

As your son or daughter - an only child, you give him all your time.Perhaps because of this he learns the curriculum is much better and faster than it would have happened without your help.But at the same time you do not give the child opportunities to fill their own bumps and be independent.Being a close friend, mentor and teacher of the child is fine, but it is equally important to give him the freedom to develop problem-solving skills and approval independence.Eventually, the child will still make a mistake and he will have to correct it without your help.Yes, so cute when five year old girl clings to your skirt and did not want to go to kindergarten.Eighteen-year girl who hides behind the mother's back for the first day of study in high school, does not look so cute.

Encourage your child to the company of their peers

Psychologists warn that being an only child, your son or daughter may be suffering from loneliness.In order to "escape" from loneliness, children often invent imaginary friends, or themselves attached to inanimate objects, such as dolls or soft toys.No matter how much attention you pay to your child;sometimes it is necessary to communicate with their peers, with whom you can talk to "children" threads play.So try to teach the child to the company of their peers - write it down in the club, social club or often drive him to walk to the playground, where a lot of children.


According to psychologists, the only child can be secretive, reserved in the manifestation of feelings, and even pedantic, so he often lack a sense of humor.Of course, a sense of humor can not be taught, but it is possible to instill in the child the ability to see the humor in ordinary things.Serve your child a good example: do not be harsh parent buttoned longer laugh and joke with the child.It is possible that he will follow your example.

Down Lists

only child is often too interested unfolding on the shelves, and compiling lists.Unfortunately, this means that he is at risk getting bogged down in details and miss the point.Your daughter is going through a ten-year, which confuse the dance steps for the matinee?Remind her that she needs to enjoy the dance, not on learning the steps.

«No 'means' no»

It is very important to remember this kid.An only child is doing everything to mom and dad were happy with it, so it is difficult parents something to deny.But really at your daughter really have the time (and desire) to help you with bathing dogs?Let her know that the next election is coming to classes at home and in school that you do not expect from her care in everything and always.If your only child will learn to understand and say "no", he will be better prepared for the challenges of adult life.