A child in a tantrum: what to do?

A child in a tantrum each parish at least once to watch a scene that has become a classic, when a child asks something of his mother, is refused, he immediately falls to the floor and starts beating on him, writhing and screaming loudly.This spectacle is a dislike of the audience, and the parents just plunges into shock.But public "performance" of children - just the tip of the iceberg.The main problems of the parents of these children waiting at home.What leads to children's tantrums Baby tantrums - how to behave? Children and how to avoid them?

cause of childhood tantrums

reason, by and large, one - the child's nervous system is unable to cope with the received stimuli, which manifests a violent reaction.

By hysterical attacks cause several factors, among which the leaders are: fatigue, hunger and lack of coordination between the parents.Hungry or tired child feels discomfort in the first place, which can not yet be associated with a specific cause, and therefore to his irritation can cause any, most insignificant factor.

on uncoordinated actions of parents is to dwell, because it is - a factor that needs careful correction of all family members.What actions parents can provoke tantrums?This, of course, a situation where a parent prohibits what another permits or prohibits not always, that is, there is no consistency and predictability in the behavior of the parents.

How does a child hysterically

Children exposed hysterical seizures are usually very sensitive and smart enough to track favorable tocausal relationships, but otherwise they do not differ from their peers.

fit of hysteria can develop anywhere, one thing remains unchanged: a number have to be sympathetic, and what they will be bigger, the better, which is why this condition often develops on the street, in shops and other public places.

However, the same child with one parent may get hysterical, while the other not to think about it - it depends on the response of the individual parent.

hysteria manifested itself in various ways, most often two forms:

  • Hysterical screams and weeping - the most common form in which the child is taken by the hand and walks for parents, but at the same time as shouts that attracts the attention of others,with the result that he achieves the desired: the parents leave the store quickly, or suddenly need to buy a toy.
  • Fall, screams and crimping on the floor - less common form of hysteria that affects the surrounding stronger, and the child will achieve goals.

How to prevent a tantrum and what to do if it started

Wean baby hysterical possible only with the concerted action of all members of the family.

necessary that the child lived in the well-established regime of the day, that would not change the mood of the parents or their absence.This is the most important thing, as in this case, the child knows the sequence of the day, get used to it at the level of reflexes and becomes a feeling of confidence and serenity.

If a child is hungry (looks in the refrigerator, check the plates, said a stomach ache) - you need to feed.The need for food - one of the basic needs of the body.If the time is close to the main meal - it can move slightly if more than half an hour - give your child something from vegetables, but not sweet.

If your child is tired, unwell, something disturbed him - you immediately to calm him down, hold on his hands, he may even fall asleep.Let rest the nervous system in such a way - it will prevent a tantrum, which is sure to happen if you do not give the child the rest.

Parents and other family members must adhere to certain principles: if the "no" - always and everywhere, and if you "can" - that too at all and in all situations.

If hysteria began, two methods are applicable: do not respond to it or to take the child in his arms and carry away from the place where it happened.The main thing is to do it quietly and silently.Talk with your child need after the tantrum is over.In no case do not shout at the child - he words in this state does not understand, but will experience a backlash that could affect the formation of his nervous system and worldview.

Svetlana Shimkovich