Pine cones in stroke - what is the miraculous power

pine cones in stroke For various reasons, a person can occur acute impairment of blood flow in the brain.This pathological condition requires not only the provision of immediate assistance, as well as the importance of the complex rehabilitation.In the second stage of therapeutic measures are effectively applied unconventional methods of therapy.Pine cones in stroke Stroke - severe brain damage Stroke - a serious brain injury is such a magic bullet in the process of post-stroke brain recovery.


healing properties of pine cones

The fact that the cones have unique properties, has been known for a long time.In ancient Tselebnik you can find a lot of recipes, which are successfully used pine cones.Based on them are made tinctures, salves, and other useful products.

It has been proven that in the period of maturation in the cones causes accumulation of drugs.They are able to maintain their properties for a long period of time that allows you to successfully use this fact in practice.In its natural form in the pine cones found the following medicinal ingredients:

  • oils
  • volatile
  • vitamins
  • tannins

Through research, it was proved that pine cones from a stroke is effective due to the content of tannins.Open a new group of tannins, which is able to actively prevent the death of brain cells in the development of acute coronary events.This is due to the enzymatic level locking system of brain cells.With this opening pine cones now have been actively used for therapeutic purposes.

In carrying out the complex rehabilitation nice feature pine cones is also a tonic, immune-stimulating effect on the whole body.


infusion for medical procedures

Treatment stroke pine cones conducted fairly affordable, easy way.It is right to prepare the infusion, which can be recommended not only for treatment but also for prevention of stroke.There are certain requirements for the collection of pine cones, compliance ensures maximum preservation of medicinal properties.

primarily in the cones must accumulate a sufficient amount of tannins, so you should start collecting medicinal raw materials after the summer.

Cones should be mature, but not to reveal the seed.To prepare suitable pine cones of the first year, which are collected still green.Infusion of pine cones after a stroke patient is accepted for a long time, but this condition ensures the achievement of clinical effect.To get the finished tincture should take five freshly washed pine cones, fill them with vodka or alcohol (70% solution is suitable), their pre-cutting.The term preparation is fourteen days, with the resulting solution should be stored only in a dark place.

For quality drug as often as possible is necessary to shake the container with a solution.Frequent shaking the necessary drugs will remain in the infusion.In finished form the infusion cones take up to three times a day for a teaspoon.This is considered a therapeutic dose, in the case of prophylactic administration, we can restrict the use of a single agent.


Restorative therapy after stroke

pine cones stroke are encouraged to nominate at the stage of rehabilitation.We know that the sooner remedial measures would be taken during the acute phase of the disease, as well as at the stage of rehabilitation, it greatly increases the effectiveness of treatment, the patient can return without the expressed health effects or complications.The main clinical manifestation of circulatory disorders of the brain is a neurological symptoms.

Regular use of pine cones can restore hemodynamic changes at the level of the brain.

In most cases, patients after a stroke suffered speech, gait, coordination of movements.Infusion of cones protects brain cells from destruction, so much faster the recovery of the patient, and he can return to normal life after the completion of the complex rehabilitation.Please note that there are a number of contraindications for use infusion of cones.If a person has severe renal dysfunction, liver (eg, acute hepatitis), you should refuse to carry out this type of therapy.

A number of patients may develop severe allergic reaction Allergic reactions: how to understand why you tickle in the throat Allergic reactions: how to understand why you tickle in the throat , especially if the person is prone to various allergic reactions.It is therefore recommended for early admission simple diagnostic tests, which show the presence or absence of such a reaction.Contraindications also applies during pregnancy and the treatment or prevention of stroke in patients who are in the older age group (this is the person older than 60 years).The drug has a vegetable origin, but that does not mean that it has no contraindications.

Alcohol tincture can be replaced by a decoction of pine cones.This broth also has healing properties, wherein the composition is free alcohol, which is a great advantage.Pine cones can not completely replace the traditional pharmacological therapy, which is mandatory for stroke rehabilitation.It is an effective supplement, but not the main type of therapy.By carrying out a complex of measures, it is important to begin treatment during the first days after the onset of acute circulatory disorders.If it has been more than a day, then in the brain begin to develop structural changes, so it is impossible to restore that already, despite the possibility of treatment.

Marina Solovyov