The development of children from four to six months: personality!

Toddler development when the baby is four months, life with him becomes more orderly and calm.Perhaps by this time child care has become for you in a familiar routine, although sometimes at the end of the day a baby begins to act up.Children suffering from colic in the first months of this age have more calm, and even restless kids let their moms and dads to sleep six hours (though not necessarily at night).

And here is where the real fun begins.This period in the life of the child is similar to the "love", because it is in four months, babies begin to show emotion and to reciprocate your love.Know that with four months of tears and smiles are not reflexively and completely understood.They are not just sleeping or capricious - any action has an emotional subtext.So children are the only available way they express the complex feelings and attitudes of people around them.

In the first months of life depended on the mood of the baby flatulence or desire to eat, and the desire to attract the attention of adults.Now, four months, the child's life is not confined to food and Span.The rapid development of the brain (and the corresponding improvement in regulation of the digestive and nervous systems) allows the baby to take more interest in the world and the events of "adult" life.At this age the child already may feel disappointment, fear, curiosity, and joy (doctors diagnose early symptoms of anxiety anxiety - how to distinguish normal from disease? Anxiety - how to distinguish normal from disease? and depression Depression - a little more than a bad mood Depression - a little more than a bad mood even threeor four months).

Toddler Development: emotional attachment

stable emotional connection with loving parents or persons substituting them - this factor ensuring the normal mental and psychological development of the child.For four months the baby has learned to associate your image with pleasant feelings and care, so do not be surprised, when your baby appears on the lips a smile.

you will realize that the child is moved to a new stage of development, when it will be emotions - whatever they may be.At the close emotional bond that is formed between you and the baby, many signs indicate, for example, he smiles in response to your smile, relax on your hands, starts babbling happily, when you refer to it, or pat on the back and does not want you anywherego.

Toddler Development: the development of language skills

Toddler development One of the most miraculous achievements of your baby at this age - the ability to make sounds, expressing his emotions Emotions and culture: how to decipher the emotional code Emotions and culture: how to decipher the emotional code .In the first week of life the only way to get your attention was crying loudly.In four months, most babies are not just silent, you only need to learn to understand them.For example, it often begins with a kid trying to say open vowel sounds, such as "a" and "o".Eventually, when the child learns to treat your teeth, tongue and vocal cords, he will be able to publish a lot of funny sounds, and sound "repertoire" replenish vowels.As a rule, the first from the lips of the baby flies undefined "p" and "b", and, of course, the favorite of every mother, "m", so you may find that your child says "mama".Of course, this upset Dad, but do not attribute it to his account - just are features of speech - the sounds, the pronunciation of which is necessary for the tongue and throat muscles are located, appear later.

Toddler Development: Learn to speak

How do I know for sure that the child gradually learns the language, if it is not distinguishable pronounces words?In this case, the main thing - the relationship and emotional connection.Not surprisingly, the researchers say increased ability to learn foreign languages ​​children with whom talked a lot around it at a time when they were four to six months.More often talk with your baby, tell him about the world and the objects around him, and listen to what he'll respond.It is not necessary to include Linguaphone courses, audio fairy or hold his educational toys;simply looking at pictures together and talk about what you see them, tell your child about your plans and events of the day, and show interesting items when out for a walk.

Personality development

Toddler development Now that your baby came out of the uncomprehended period and became more attentive and sensitive, you can get accustomed to it, to understand what kind of baby you got - it was inthis time, the first manifestation of his unique personality.Experts on child development are used to describe the temperament nine major congenital characteristics.Some of them can be easily determined in early childhood, such as regular (ie eats and sleeps your child is in the same time or not), adaptability to change, sensitivity, activity level, and distractibility.

For example, if a baby has improved sensitivity, noise, and crowded the company will in the future cause his excitement.Kid with a reduced level of sensitivity may be a favorite of the whole family, since the attention of many relatives did not cause him annoyance.To determine the temperament of the child, watch for his actions and reactions to everyday events.Can he relax at the children's seats or endlessly Sucitu legs?Does he fear a sudden noise, or just curious?Determination of child's temperament will help you develop a suitable strategy for education - and improve your relationship.