The left-hander: the gift, or the verdict?

  • Lefty: the gift, or the verdict?
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southpaw For thousands of years the dark forces in the myths associated with the left side.In the seventeenth century it was believed that the devil baptizes his followers with his left hand;in France, there was a belief that witches greet the devil left hand.In addition, people believe that they can see spirits, just by looking over the left shoulder - because of left shoulder is the devil.And these are just some of the many superstitions associated with left-handers.

According to research, people are predominantly right-handed for more than 500,000 years.However, ten to twelve percent of people prefer to use his left hand.Scientists have long studied left-handers and right-handers - and often get amazing results.

Obvious differences

example, in one experiment, it was found that left-handers are more prone to fear than right-handers.Participants were shown an episode from the movie "Silence of the Lambs."After looking at the left-handers to detect more PTSD symptoms than right-handers.Of course, one study is not enough to make solid conclusions, however, the results are of considerable interest.

Lefties are more prone to negative emotions Emotions and culture: how to decipher the emotional code Emotions and culture: how to decipher the emotional code , including anger, than right-handers.At the same time, they are more cautious in their decision-making - are inclined to doubt, can long ponder further action, afraid to make mistakes.

In another study, participants handed out sheets of paper, divided into two sections, and asked them to draw a zebra in a part of the sheet, which is associated, in their opinion, with good things and a panda - in the one that is associated with the bad.Most righties painted zebra on the right and left-handers - left.This may indicate that, despite the fact that culture and language make us associate the right side of the good things (just cause, for example), the left-hander is associated with good things left.

known that the left-hander succeed not only in art, but also, for example, in politics.Incumbent President Barack Obama is a lefty, like Bill Clinton, Bush, Reagan and Ford.Experts say that the politicians-handers have an advantage over their opponents right-handed.Wanting to reinforce the most important for them abstracts using gestures, politicians usually use their dominant hand.But from the point of view of the audience - gestures occur on the left side.Gestures lefties viewers (at least righties) perceive more positively, because in their view it is going right.

Features brain

It is known that the human brain has two hemispheres.The left hemisphere works more efficiently;it is responsible for it, logical thinking, analysis, and so on.Normally, the left hemisphere is dominant and, as it controls the right half of the body, most people are right-handed.

right hemisphere of the brain is the source of dreams Dreams: how to understand our dreams Dreams: how to understand our dreams , fantasy, creativity and feelings.It is dominant in left-handers.Almost half of lefties uses speech right hemisphere;some of them a letter is completely controlled by the right hemisphere of the brain.There is a tendency to attribute more lefthanders development of creative abilities, but this is not true.Their abilities in all fields, including science and art, as different as right-handers.On the development of certain abilities affects not only the dominant hemisphere, but also many other factors.


established that parents lefties most likely birth, which will be left-handed.It's not just that some children copy the actions of their parents, and may begin to eat and write the same hand as the parents.Children who have one of the biological parents was left-handed, is likely to become left-handed, even if their adopted family of right-handers, and vice versa.On the other hand, we know that many parents are still trying to re-educate their children, if they see that their dominant hand - the left.Often they succeed, but experts say that this retraining is not good for children.It is unlikely to lead to serious violations, but can interfere with your child develop its full potential.

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