Games for kids that facilitate memorization - addictive memory training

games for children memorizing Memory is like a muscle - the more you use it, the stronger it becomes.Naturally, there are children who do not have a good memory, especially in those areas where they are not very interesting.But parents and teachers can help build and develop memory in children through games designed to train memory.


board game "Concentration" and "Memory", has several options, but the basic principles they have one.This can be a special set of cards or regular deck of playing cards.You can use the cards of all sizes, but the card must be paired - to each card in the set was an exact copy of it.The entire set of cards should be put on the table face down.

During his turn a player turns over any two cards, so they can see each.Then put them back.The player's goal - to turn the two matching cards.All players try to remember which cards are where to see the map on the previous course, in his move to open two of the same.When a player turns over a matching pair of cards, he leaves them face up.Players get a point for each matching pair, and the winner is the one who has the most points.

Puzzle blind

For children who love to collect puzzles, collect the puzzle can be turned into a great game for the development of memory development of memory - Play wizard The development of memory - Play wizard .To collect puzzle blindfolded, one must first look at the picture, and then try to collect the puzzle, without focusing on the original.In this game, you should use the simplest puzzles, because they collect from memory is much more complex.


Quiz - a good way to exercise your memory and at the same time to expand horizons.Select the game on a topic that is interesting to the child.In such games each player has to answer a question on a particular subject.If a child wants to play the same quiz several times in a row, he will learn and remember the right answers.

Making stories

Inventing stories - a fun way to memorize lists of objects, words or numbers.In this game, each player receives one object from the list that you need to remember.Then the players come up with a story.The first player to come up with one or two sentences, which must mention the object from the list.The next player continues the story of his proposal, which he includes its object from the list.At the end of invented stories everyone can recall a list of objects.