Depression in adolescent girls: what you need to know about it

depressed teenage girls In the life of any teenager takes a lot of events - school, friends, relationships with others, changes in the body.There is nothing surprising in the fact that young people often behave unpredictably and emotionally unbalanced.How to find out whether the mood swings Mood swings in women - bad character or a disease? Mood swings in women - bad character or a disease? normal or is it cause for concern?

best to start by answering the following questions:

  • will not stop if a child do things that used to give him pleasure, for example, the game of baseball, running, dancing or attending school discos?And not just shifted from one activity or sport to another, but simply dropped their hobbies, because none of them do not bring happiness?
  • not refuse any child on walks and shopping trips with your friends, simply because there is no mood?
  • not decreased if his grades in school?
  • no quarrel with the parents if the child more often than before?
  • not annoying if he on several occasions for no apparent reason?
  • Do not torment the child's constant fatigue and insomnia at the same time?
  • not whether the child is eating more than usual to get in a good mood?Or perhaps, on the contrary he lost his appetite?
  • not to suffer if his guilt or anxiety that to him that something was wrong?
  • No Does your child have thought that he was tired and sick of it all?

If a child answers "yes" to at least one of these questions, then perhaps his depression.This means that he needs help - and as soon as possible - to understand their condition, understand what is happening to him and what to do.He needs to talk to your parents, a doctor, social worker, or any other adult whom he trusts.

What is depression

Some say: "I do not have depression, because I have not always a bad mood."But depression is not necessarily manifested through the bad mood.A bad mood is due to the so-called "affective disorder," which can in unexpected ways to influence a person's mood.

Some people suffering from depression, do constantly in despair and cry a lot.Others have simply become too irritable and ready to hate the whole world.

According to experts in psychiatry, "depression - this is when you feel disgusting, but do not know for what reason."Sometimes it's hard to say whether the man tormented depression, or is he just not in the mood.All of us sometimes "the blues."But that is not related to depression.

For example, a child could not play well as a team, had a row with someone or seriously quarreled with his best friend.If a child is sad couple of weeks, and then comes to life, it's probably not depressed.As with unpleasant things happen to us, quite naturally, we are sad, angry or feel disappointed.

But, according to experts, "If a person is constantly irritated, upset, gloomy and not in the mood for more than two weeks, there is a problem."Depression does not mean that the man - the spirit is weak or a loser.

Depression is not always behaves the same way.For some people it works so much that they go through difficult each day.On the other, it acts softer but takes months and sometimes years.In addition, there is depression, which begins after the sad events in life, such as the death of a loved one or divorce of their parents.

All kinds of depression are treatable.

What to do

If you suspect that a child has depression, there may be doubts about whether to deal with this problem to the doctor, because a child can be labeled as "crazy."Forget about it.Depression has nothing to do with madness.

In fact, the knowledge that a child depression - is a kind of good news, because there are effective treatments for this disease.You do not need to go to hospital for treatment or receive unwanted drugs.There are many other methods of treatment.

Depression is treated in the following ways:

  • Therapy.A teenager can go to individual counseling with a therapist or a course of treatment in the group.Therapy helps the teenager understand what is going wrong in his life, and how to change things for the better, for example, how to cope with problems at school, how to work on healthy relationships with friends and family.
  • lifestyle changes.For example, physical activity, good nutrition and the search for support in society.Many studies have shown that the treatment of depression Treating depression - tablets needed Treatment of depression - tablets needed exercise as effective as medication.
  • Antidepressants.Sometimes medication prescribed by the doctor to help the patient regain emotional and psychological balance.There are many drugs.(There have been several cases where the use of these drugs was associated with suicidal thoughts in young people, so if there is a suspicion that drugs taken worsen the teenager should immediately inform your doctor).

in consultation with your doctor to develop individual treatment plan.It is recommended to conduct therapy and lifestyle changes, can receive antidepressants.But for the treatment of depression is not enough taking the pills.

Depression in adolescents, both medium and large extent, is treated by a combination of faster reception of medicines and consultations with the social worker.But if the patient refuses to take medication, used other, equally effective treatments.Usually, the patient's condition significantly improved within two months after starting treatment.

Thoughts of suicide

Many adolescents and adults is depression, but not every one of them had suicidal thoughts.

If you have thoughts of a teenager that he wanted to die, that the world would be better without it, or talk about it to him friends, you need to seek immediate medical attention.You can call the hotline psychological assistance Psychological help: to understand their own rubble ... Psychological help: to understand their own rubble ... and confidential talk with a specialist who can help the teenager to cope with their emotions Emotions and culture: how to decipher the emotional code Emotions and culture: how to decipher the emotional code .

should remember the following:

  • Do not do anything that can not be subsequently corrected.Suicide - is not an option.
  • If a teenager is not sure he could cope with the temptation to commit suicide with him must always be a person you can rely on.
  • Depression can cause a variety of thoughts and feelings.But the teenager should not think that he is a bad and stupid, or that he is a failure.You just need to ask for help.Each of us sometimes need help.