Child development from birth to three months

child development Does anyone what is really capable of babies?Judging by appearances during the first days and weeks after birth, it is not much.It seems as if all the time the baby goes to the vital lesson - the absorption of milk, crying and screaming, sleeping and shitting who occasionally interspersed with short periods of attention to what is happening around.

However, recent research has shown that babies actually do much more.Already in the first minutes of life, infants show an amazing ability.The brain of the newborn superaktiven and ready to accept new information.

mental and physical development of the child

person leaves the mother's womb when ready to see the world.However, the development has just appeared in the light of a tiny man just beginning.Compare newborn human baby puppy: child development pup eight weeks of age in full run, play, eat and drink on their own;the baby of the same age can barely distinguish objects with difficulty mastering complex control mechanism of his own body.What's the matter?The nervous system and brain baby only partially developed, and in fact the brain - the central control center of the body.At birth, a baby's brain weight is only a quarter of the mass of the adult brain.It can regulate only the most important vital functions such as breathing, crying, sleep Dreams: how to understand our dreams Dreams: how to understand our dreams and absorption of food.However, the cerebral cortex - part of the brain responsible for complex thought processes and emotions Emotions and culture: how to decipher the emotional code Emotions and culture: how to decipher the emotional code - growing and developing, so the child does what he wants, not just react to external stimuli.

So, how helpless screaming bundle turns into a fun and capable kid?At birth, the body of the child has 100 billion neurons (brain cells).But the neurons themselves still do not stimulate brain growth and the development of mental abilities of the child.In order to perform a simple action, such as to track a moving object look or smile, the brain cells have each other to interact via dendrites, which form a kind of bridge between neurons.Such connections of brain cells called synapses.At birth, the number of synapses in a child is very small, which also speaks of its underdevelopment: the brain transmits information of the newborn is 16 times slower than the adult brain.To speed up the transmission of information also takes time;the brain of a newborn baby just starting to produce myelin - a fatty substance thick, accelerating the connection of neutrons.In the first three months of life, the number of synapses in the brain of the baby increases more than 20 times.

Your role in the development of baby's brain

child development However, the completion of the formation of a child's brain is not automatic.Recent studies suggest that brain development depends on the activity of the child.Each new activity or experience - from examining baby monitor hanging from the cradle to the understanding that cries lead to feeding and maternal affection - excites certain nerve chain and leave the rest idle.What does this mean for parents?It is not necessary to overload the kid different occupations.Talk with your child at the hands of his swing - that is to do all the things that parents do with newborns - it contributes to the intellectual development of the baby.

main reason unformed state of the brain at birth is that people - a social being, the development of which is largely determined by society.Individuality for a puppy or a giraffe is not as important as a person.Our individual differences would have been endangered if we were born with a perfect and formed brain.But do not rush to conclusions.Abilities babies do not cease to surprise us.They immediately adopt those around both good and bad, learn quickly and more memorable.