How to learn the games to develop memory - exciting and fun exercise

learning games memory development There are many games that allow every day to develop memory.These exercises are easy for the brain and fun, and yet, it is a reliable means to improve memory.The brain resembles muscle function - it must stretch and grow.People tend to have different types of memory, such as memory, the ability to recognize faces, the ability to retrieve information from long-term memory.For the development of memory development of memory - Play wizard The development of memory - Play wizard should choose games to develop the area in which there are difficulties.


You can access the most popular and time-tested game, known as a mnemonic device.This technique is particularly useful for people who have developed visual perception.For example, to remember a shopping list.You can imagine how foods from this list perform unbelievable stunts in your apartment, and in a logical order.You can imagine how a bottle of ketchup and mustard playing football in the living room, and then intervenes sausage hits the ball and the ball breaks a bottle of milk, over which packets of biscuits start to cry.The scene is memorable purely visual, and it will remind it of the purchase of food.Mnemonic device connects memory with the ability to visualize, thus allowing to better remember the necessary data.

memory for faces

Using the game for memory, you can develop the ability to remember faces.The trick is to select one outstanding feature of the appearance of the person and to associate it with the person's name.If you can rhyme the name and appearance of the feature, the game will be more successful, and the result - effective.For example, to remember a girl named Julia, you can come up with a rhyme: "Julia - krohotulya."Stupid phrases like this have proven to work well, because thanks to its absurdity they are perfectly stored and used, respectively, in the necessary circumstances.

speed memory

game is recommended in those games that not only improve memory, but also accelerate it.It can be all sorts of online games for a while, where you need to quickly solve puzzles, make mosaics or finds a match.Under the terms of the impossible game to the next level, until it is passed the current stage.Memory - it's not just the ability to remember and recall, but also the speed with which people have access to information.For example, sometimes we need up to ten minutes trying to remember the normal thing, and it is not always acceptable.Playing different games at a time, you can increase the speed of the receptor in memory requirement.

Develop memory, long-term and short-term memory with the help of games specifically designed for these types of memory.Games, developing short-term memory, helping you keep in mind the information within 60 seconds.Long-term memory allows you to store information for a long time and refer to it when necessary.RAM gives us the opportunity to work every day.For example, this type of memory is used when you type text dictation.Games for the development of different types of memory can be easily found on the Internet.