How to deal with the bad behavior of their children?

how to deal with the bad behavior of the child you watch in horror as the bully on the court arguing and attacking another child.You feel as if it hit you in the chest and feel the gravel under the knees.You join the rest of the mothers who run around to stop the fight.But for you, it looks a little bit different.If all rushed to reassure the victim, then you are left alone with the bully - your child.

very scary to realize that your child is hurt someone.You can not believe that your child has hurt another person, whether physical or emotional pain.How could he?You desperately asking yourself.As his behavior characterizes me as a mother?

Fortunately, the answer is very simple.And it is very important that you remember that the calling and aggressive behavior of the child and, therefore, its consequences - is not your fault.

immediate consequences

Now we are not talking about children toddlers who can not share a bucket in the sandbox.It is worth noting olds who are already physically developed and can hurt each other just words.And when you notice that your child is well behaved, you need to take urgent action.

If your child bullies in the park, immediately ends the walk.Get up from the bench and take away the power of the child and put him in the car.If you have other children, you have to take them home (unless, of course, not close friends who will look after them and will deliver home later).

During the trip home, explain to children why you have done so.Tell me what you are going home because one of the children behaved badly.Explain that you're sorry that we had to take home all but impossible to remain in the park without adult supervision.Resist the urge to scream or even talk to a child-bully.Do not threaten your child that you will take away his game console, or iPod.Basically it is an empty threat.The child understands that you do not.So you better be quiet and wait for the time when the conversation did take place.

If you witness bullying at school, you should also intervene.In this case, you should immediately take the child to the director or the person responsible for discipline in the school who is considering such incidents.Describe the whole situation as calmly as possible and then provide to the school to decide what happens next.With your child, you can talk later.

Do not be nervous

Once you pick up your child, you'll need some time to calm down.Best line in such cases, said in the address of the child - "I'm so angry (evil) that I can not talk to you right now.I need fifteen minutes.And you sit there. "Do not send the child to his room, a place filled with his favorite toys and music.Instead, put him at the dinner table, where there are no books, and television to make it in your mind.

not hurry up and gather my thoughts.Call your spouse or best friend, or any other person, the advice that you listen.Think about what you want to tell your child, and what results you want to achieve.Do not rush yourself, but stick to the terms, you talked about the child.

first say, then listen

Express your thoughts.Let your child know how much you upset and angry.Say that this behavior is unacceptable, it humiliates him, and that you will not tolerate it.Try to explain to your child how you felt when you saw what he's doing.

Now is the time to listen.Ask your child to tell you what really happened.Do not interrupt his story - you can answer all the child said, but first listen to him.Once you have listened to each other, discuss why the child should not have behave like, and try to find other ways to solve the problem if it occurs for the second time.

You also need to determine the punishment, but that the child understood the fault.Prohibit watching TV - not the best solution.A more appropriate punishment can be writing a letter of apology on the following page.

hooliganism - is one of the most difficult problems faced by parents.But the swift and consistent action to help parents prevent hooliganism in the root and prevent more serious problems in the future.