How to make a game for the development of memory - connect the hands and imagination

make the game development Memory Games for the development of memory development of memory - Play wizard The development of memory - Play wizard help young children easily memorize the letters and numbers and is generally well develop memory.These games can be played, and school age children and adults.In the narrow circle of the family, you can create the conditions and rules of their own game.You can use everything you can find at home, ranging from photos of family members or pets to mathematical or linguistic elements.The same individual can make the game as a gift for children.

What will it take

  • Printer Paper Scissors
  • thin plank
  • Saw
  • Sandpaper
  • Paint Spray
  • Wood Glue


  • Print pictures and cut them into equal squares of desired size, for example, five by five cm. Subjects games can be numbers, letters, colors, shapes, family photos or pictures with animals.
  • Cut squares of the same size of the board.
  • Process edges and surface with sandpaper to make them smooth.
  • Paint plank paint of any color to suit every taste, but sticking to one rule - one color for all squares.Leave to dry plates.Optionally, you can not paint the plank and leave them as is.
  • Take one wooden box and lubricate one of its sides and glue.
  • rilozhit plaque to cut paper and align the edges of the picture.
  • Push and smooth picture, carefully around the edges.
  • Continue to stick pictures on the wooden boxes, until you collect the necessary material for the game.

can choose one direction, limiting certain set of plates, and you can expand and diversify the subject of games, preparing many boards as needed to cover all areas of the game.